Can you explain why you chose to start meditation?

Marius Z.
Started meditation when I saw my first psychologist in 2014. I suffered from generalised depression and anxiety and I find meditation helpful in many situations.
Jonas T.
Because this world is so "go, go, go" that a moment of stillness is very needed to recalibrate our nervouse system (to activate our parasympathetic NS and so allowing our bodies to selfheal).
Meditation is good for our physical bodies as it is to our spirit. It is in stillness that we gain perspective and find answers.
It is with meditation that I catch my breath and refuel for what's to come.
C Me S.
I used to do it as a part of my therapy. Over anxious and active minds are great at accomplishing problem solving tasks but also run the risk of thinking of every hypothetical problem in order to have more problems to solve. Training your mind to stop thinking, as hard as this is, is a really useful tool to keep yourself in check, and take a more relaxed approach to life overall.
Brent P.
I was able to calm my mind which helped me be not so frantic through other parts of my day as well. This is good for myself and the other people I deal with on a daily basis.
Thea F.
It wasn't a recent change. I have over a year of positive experience meditating. I just added it to my routine in this app for the sake of the checklist. I use another to get it done.