Do you prefer guided meditation or sitting in silence?

Bernardim Q.
It depends on my mood. If I’m feeling down or angry I’d sit in silence but if I was in a happy mood I’d listen to guided mediation
Shannon U.
Most of the time I kinda lost motivation to meditate because I feel so tired mentally so guided meditation really excites me, but I add it with silence meditation at the end so I can deeply focus on my meditation for even just a couple minute
Frederikke Z.
I like both; it depends on how I feel. Sometimes I really have the stamina to sit in silence and it does me good. I feel better afterwards. But other times, it feels good to “let go” and follow someone else. There are so many good guided meditations out there and they often inform and inspire my own meditation or give me something to think about. The other day, someone in a guided meditation said, “impatience is people needed to put themselves first before everyone else,” and it made me stop and think so I ended up meditating on that idea on my own for the next while. 🙂 They are different, and complementary, ways to meditate.
Enzo W.
I do prefer guided meditation because it gives me the tools that I don’t always necessarily remember to go on with the journey.
Juc Lia S.
I tend to lean towards sitting in silence; then occasional guided meditation does help me too when I need to really focus on taking my thoughts away from things that may be affecting my state of mind or emotional state.
Alfred W.
I prefer guided meditation. I find that my mind wonders a lot, so following along to someone’s voice makes it easier for me to stay focused.
Charlotte R.
It depends. I feel like I get more out of sitting in silence but I’m more likely to meditate if it is a guided meditation. It’s a concrete “thing” I can say I did. I think after you have experience meditating it’s probably more meaningful to sit in silence. Focusing on diaphragmatic breathing and feeling my ribs expand is helpful to calming my nervous system.
Javier U.
Depends on how distracted I am feeling. Guided is better if I am feeling more frazzled and silent if I am feeling calm.
Soren S.
I prefer guided meditation as I get easily distracted by thoughts, and guided meditation helps me redirect mmy attention
Valdomiro C.
At the moment (I.e. in the early stages and as a beginner) I prefer definitely guided meditation as it helps me to get me back if my focus goes completely lost and my mind is firing one thought the other. Once I might be more experienced I can imagine to have a mix of both
Emily Z.
I definitely prefer a guided meditation, whether just a conscious breathing exercise or a full blown immersive journey.
William Y.
Since I'm still a beginner, I do guided. I feel as I improve I will eventually have to concentration to do a silent one.
Inara C.
I feel like guided meditations are a good way to get started with meditation by keeping focused on technique and what you're there to do. Once you get the hang of "how" to meditate I think silence is the way to go.
Matusal M E.
A bit of both! I like when guided mediations set you up for a few minutes of silent introspection and then ease you back out.