What are the best non-subscription, totally free meditation apps?

Ava S.
So far, this has been the best. I also have used the meditation programs from Deepak and Oprah, when they offer their free ones every once in a while. I do enjoy the fact that every meditation leads into the next and builds on the last.
Alex O.
Fabulous has some great free meditation included in the non subscription portion of the app. I like Relax Melodies which also is very good free section. Of course in both cases, you get so much more if you go for the subscription or one time price. Relax Melodies only really helps you to relax and/or go to sleep. Fabulous gives you so much more such as walking you through adding meditation to your daily routine.
Hanno X.
It’s not an app, but you can search caps.byu.edu, then search “relaxation recordings”. I’m finding that many universities put these out and they’re all free!
Jacob O.
Simple Habit – you can’t do meditation series but you have a huge selection of short, stand-alone meditations. My FAVOURITE bit is that it offers 5, 10, or 20 min “On the go” meditations for when you are doing normal activities like commuting, going for a walk, doing the ironing or going to sleep etc. That’s my favourite thing about this app.
Norma T.
I can’t find many of those either unfortunately.. 🙁 But I believe that a subscription to Headspace is totally worth it actually, way better than any other meditation app I have tried. You can also try the first day on every course for free, and there are many courses which mean a lot of free meditation. But if you are determined to have a free meditation app, I really haven't found anything of good quality yet..