How to start meditating?

Billy Z.
First of all you need to find a quiet place to meditate. Then you need to relax and close your eye. While you’re meditating count your breaths and do not wonder
Ava Z.
I find that finding a comfortable place on the couch is best. Get your best pair of headphones and block out any outside noise. My favourite Youtube guided meditation is Michael Sealey. He has some great ones for the morning, but he is mostly focused on deep sleep meditation which is a great way to start if you have never done meditation before.
Good luck!
Dana T.
Start with youtube videos. Search guided meditation and they will help you step by step. Find a quiet place where you can be alone, or you can go somewhere in nature. Dont be discouraged if you find yourself distracted or falling asleep. You are exercising your brain so it will take time
Julia O.
Sitt down in a nice and calm place, on a cushion on the floor or on a chair. Keep your back straight and breathe calmly. Focus on your breath. Soon your mind will start to wander but don't worry about that. When you notice that you are thinking about something, just let the thoughts go and return your awareness to your breath. Keep doing that. Whenever you realize that you are wrapped up in thoughts, just let them go. Focus on the breath. Start with maybe 5 or 10 minutes and then slowly increase over time. I hope this helps😊
Madison F.
Find what kind of meditation works best for you. Do you like to meditate through physical activity or coloring. Maybe just using music works best or a guided meditation. Start with smaller amounts of time to settle into it.
Sohan Q.
Try guided meditation. Download the "Headspace" app and take their free beginners course, or look up "guided meditation" on YouTube.
Desirae C.
You just gotta start somewhere! I set an alarm on my phone and choose to do a short, 5 min. guided meditation to remember to meditate, and also to focus on the meditation.
Jonathan U.
Just start. Whenever you find yourself thinking that you should try it, and you find time to do so, try to squeeze it in. Start with 5 minutes. Maybe repeat something around 5 minutes for a little while, until you get used to the meditation atmosphere. I would suggest guided meditation, at least in the beginning, because they teach the practice and help in directing you. Once you’re used to shorter ones, chances are you’ll be ready for some longer ones, if that’s what you’re after. Good luck 🙂