How do you keep your thoughts out of the mind in a very stressful day?

M Lissa Y.
I either do something mindless (watch Studie TV) or I practice meditation. Normally some alone me time works and being alone helps also to sort your thoughts
Virg Nio Z.
I don't think we can keep our thoughts out of our mind, but we can choose which trains of thought to follow. Activities like mindfulness help us to recognise the thoughts which may be contributing to our experience of stress, and choose to let that thought go. Choosing to be present instead.
Ellen B.
I break chores down into 10 minute chunks so it is harder to get distracted.

I use breathing techniques to keep the anxiety at bay.

I often make a list of must do things in morning so I don’t go off track.

If it is super stressful I will tell myself out loud to focus on what is at hand.

Harry R.
I try to squeeze in some meditation when I’m on the bus or have a few minutes. The techniques for letting go of thoughts during meditation are very useful In everyday life to stop your thoughts in their tracks. Short meditations throughout the day helps me keep this resource active and available. Getting enough rest, food, etc, is also key to keep your mind balanced. If you’re imbalanced in some way it will become harder and harder to focus and do what you have planned.
Thea X.
Whenever you feel a stressful thought coming, take a deep breath. Imagine inhaling calm and exhaling that stressor. Do this until you are calmed down!