What type of meditation is your favorite? Guided, music, or something else?

Magdalena O.
Personally I prefer guided meditations, but when it comes to meditation one size doesn’t fit all. There was a guided meditation that I really liked, but my friend Peter just couldn’t relax because the narrators voice irked him.
I also once tried a walking mindfulness meditation, and absolutely loathed it. But a few years later I gave it another go – this time barefoot on soft grass – and it was simply amazing.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, try the whole palette to find what works for you.

Yvonne O.
I prefere a guided meditation, because it helps me keep focus and is surden to Challenge me as Well. But i use bits of meditation in my Whole Day – consous breathing, tjecking in with the Body at try to have an accepting attitude towards whatever i feel in that moment. I stop for a moment and allow myself to Be so to speak.

Sharon O.
Always guided because it helps bring back my mind when it goes wandering. it doesn't have to be complex, even just a plain guided breathing meditation, still always helps.

Sofia Q.
I have been using guided meditation for a while now. I started using it to learn how to meditate, but would like to try just meditating on my own some time. I guess I'm a little worried to try, but those are just silly fears.

Lawrence P.
Music for me is my favorite. I get lost in my mind and when I finish the session I’m completely relaxed. I do find it’s not great for concentration, but when your stressed, there’s nothing better than to put on some ambient music and getting lost in your thoughts. I often find clarity and peace during these sessions.

Lonnie G.
Guided is the best way I found to start training my mind. However, I've recently found some hypnosis to be a much more personal experience into my waves.

James F.
I like to just commit to a few breaths first and say to myself “just this breath” and do a body scan feeling where every part of my body is and then I’ll turn on an app for a short guided meditation, like I love Oprah and Deepak’s app (can find them online too) there is one 21-day series called Miraculous Relationships that’s actually mostly about the relationship to yourself and self-love it’s so uplifting.

Walter U.
I usually use headspace app for meditation. The guy has a real calming voice, and has always something interesting to say before and after the meditation

Lea W.
I prefer guided meditation.
I can do mindfulness without guidance, and I am comfortable with creative visualization. Guided meditation, especially with a voice that I comfortable with, work best for me, personally. Please meditate in any way that works for you. Good luck!

Elijah A.
My favorite type of meditation is concentration meditation because I seek to be more focus on specific tasks in my daily activities currently.

Susanna B.
I have app named "Oak" – here you can choose your favourite type of meditation or sound you want to hear during it.
My favourite one is guided "loving kindness" meditation which is focused on expresing love toward ourself and toward creatures all over the world. And I love to meditate with sound of soft rain.

Elias P.
I generally like to listen to instrumental music that deeply engages me. If you find that you still cant focus with that, try using guided meditation!

Malo T.
My favourite is the 4-4-8 breath cycle… In 4,hold 4,out for 8 seconds.

I do it until I feel ready to stop… But two minutes I think can be adequate…

… And then you sit… And go with whatever feels right. I've found it insightful sometimes, calming, pretty… And powerful emotionally. I've found it gives me what I need, shows me what I don't need… But that's just me…

Alyssa Q.
I prefer guided meditation. Helps my mind not to wonder in all directions. Also when I use a sleep meditation I prefer guided as the voice helps me to get to sleep

Delores N.
I prefer semi-guided meditation, often with insights on the topic that I’m working on, but with enough « space » within meditation to practice focus.

Felix G.
Guided meditation for sure. I don’t feel confident enough with just music at the moment. I also find that the guided meditation pulls my concentration back when my mind wanders. I am sure I will eventually get to the stage where I don’t need the guided meditations as much.

Laura Z.
Seems like guided one works better for me. Am absolutely new to meditation, I have issues concentrating and hence why guided works better. So far am doing terrible cause my mind keeps slipping away, trying to get better one day at a time! Cheers!

Rick Y.
I personally prefer guided meditation, either breath/insight meditation or visualization meditation. I also sometimes do loving kindness meditation. If it’s unguided I just completely lose focus!

Jennifer E.
I like guided. Listening to someone guide me helps me to focus. Of course – I’m picky about who I will listen to. There’s lots of mediation apps. Makes it easy to find good ones.

Elijah Z.
It really depends on my mood… Sometimes I just need to listen to some music, other times I prefer a guided meditation…

Hugo S.
Guided with music if I want specific affirmations, just music for Kundalini/nervous system, or silent for checking in with my intuition

Ladislaus O.
I find guided meditations help me the best. My mind becomes clearer than if I was just doing it alone with music or something else.

Matteo U.
I have an app called Breethe. It contains all sorts of meditations for everything life throws at you. It has a free trial.

N Ria P.
When I first began a practice of meditation, I found guided meditation to be helpful. There are many guided meditation apps out there. Sam Harris's Waking Up is my favorite. I find his voice soothing and his intentions deliberate and productive.

Shawn C.
I’m new at mediation so my most common is when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning. I try to focus on my breathing and relaxing my entire body starting at my feet and working my way up. My mind wanders but I acknowledge that I let it and then I start all over.