My board exams are in a few days. I’m practicing meditation and yoga and exercising for at least two hours every day. Should I continue my daily activities or stop until my exams are finished?

Billy Y.
Neither. I would encourage you to continue your practices, but make them shorter to balance with your study needs. Keeping up with meditation, yoga, and exercise will help your mind focus when studying, and offer the comfort of familiar routines when you're feeling stressed.
Aya N.
U should continue your daily activities. U can also cut less prioritized ones, and increase time for study. But keep those, which help you feel better physically and mentally.
Rico N.
In your shoes, I meditated, did yoga, eat well and slept well and spoke by phone with the guy I was dating. For one month. For three months, I added in more normalcy but spent several hours a day studying. But come that last month, everything else stopped except that listed above. And it paid off. Good luck.
Alain F.
I‘d say definitely continue with the habits, as they give you the energy and mindset to get through the exams. If you feel overwhelmed, you can still reduce the duration of your routines.
Oliver Y.
Actually, I too will be having my board exams soon. I recommend that you continue to meditate and exercise. It will increase your focus and develop better concentration. Try to reduce social media and screen time unless it's for studying. Good luck on your boards! You'll do great!