I wanted to find a way to get better at sitting lotus. What has helped you sit in that position and not be in so much pain afterwards. (I’m athletic, without any prior injuries) just extremely stiff

Ava Z.
Here's what I do when I do too much bending forward cuz the job. I know it sounds funny. But former military uses what works. Not what sounds good. The yoga positions upward dog and downward dog this I'll limber your core right back up. And when your done thinking about yoga being for women. If u are not saying you are….. Go get P90x from Beachbody.com. it's yoga routine will turn you into the Gumby of destiny. Not to mention core synergetics and plyometriss… OMG.. dude. Ply.o.met.rics. you Will hate it. Then you will love it when you finally win against it. Be the surfer. "The mountain does not yield to the ocean. It breaks it with it's will" – me horribly damaged. With over 70 known fractures. Most stress fractures.. bit they count. They still had to heal before you can work out again. Be careful though. Follow the instructions faithfully. Form before glory. Glory upon victory. Be a P90x graduate. Weightlifters can't keep up with my 155 pound partical physicist frame.
Jordan N.
It depends on where you are experiencing pain! Increase flexibility in your hip joints with side bend poses or sitting down and reaching for your feet to stretch hamstrings, or massaging the muscles around your knees to loosen them up if that's where you feel pain. Give them a go!!
Michelle Q.
People with extremely stiff joints should not sit Lotus. This is according to my yoga instructor. You should make some time to go to a class and ask some questions of a real live instructor. It'll cost less than $20 depending on where you live. Try the free Daily Yoga app, too. Yoga should feel good. You set yourself up for joint injuries if you persist doing poses to the point of pain. Sitting cross legged is fine for Westerners (aka not from India & doing yoga from birth). 😉🥰 Namasté, friend.
Chelsea E.
Place a pillow or two under your hips and make sure that your knees fall underneath your hips. That’s worked best for me
Annemarie O.
Doing hip openers while standing can definitely help! You can also stack your shins with feet directly above and below knees instead of twisting them for the same benefit.