How can I focus and commit with my meditation practice even on rush days

Amanda T.
You don't have to do it for long or in the same space. Just stop and breath for a moment and see if you want to keep going or your okay. I often meditate in a moment of traffic or while on the bus. Eyes open but calm yourself. And focus on just your breath
Vickie T.
Even if you can't dedicate the full twelve minutes, take a few minutes, a break, a pause, to monitor your breathing, clear your head, and meditate even just for a few seconds. Even a short break can do wonders for you!
Mabel X.
Even 5 minutes a day will count! Set a time that you will practise at every day. Mine is at 6.45am every day. If it’s at the same time every day, it’ll be easier to turn it into a habit.
Felecia P.
On a rush day you are probably trying to do multiple things at once, so it's probably that you might be doing a mediocre work on all of them or you might be to anxious on everything you need to do, so it it's at this time when taking a break meditate clear the mind and come back with a more focus mind
Samuel T.
Schedule your meditation for what suits you. If mornings are no good, shuffle it to the evening. Even right before bed is good – I like to do a quick session then even if I've already meditated.
Herman S.
Try using the headspace app!! You can do a guided meditation anywhere and only a couple minutes is so much better than nothing.