Do you use any form of movement meditation, if so which kind and why?

Irina S.
Walking or dancing would be my personal favourites, with or without music. Meditation is all about finding your own way to mindful stillness moments. Those can happen during cooking, fixing a car knitting or exercising. Experiment and listen to yourself.
Aditya O.
Walking 🚶‍♂️Running 🏃‍♂️ and Riding Motorcycle 🏍

These activities brings all the thoughts hanging in the air in a streamlined fashion, and I have chance to watch over each thoughts, think through them and ponder upon. This also spark new ideas and thoughts.

Alvin X.
I sit cross legged and sway back and forth it side to side. Adding that small motion while my eyes are closed helps me detach from the world around me easier. It causes my focus to shift from my worries to just my movements and its hypnotic when in a dark and quiet emviorment.