What is your favourite position for mediation?

Joshua O.
Sitting in my couch on the side with the chaise (long part of the L shaped couch) so I can sit with my legs stretched. I particularly feel very comfortable when I cross my legs, putting one on top of each other. And I use two pillows side by side on my back to make sure I’m comfortable and sitting in an upright position. During meditation I tend to try to relax my muscles as much as possible and this usually makes my head tilt slightly forward.
Kristina C.
I like to sit cross legged with back support So I'm comfortable enough through the meditation but not so comfortable that I fall asleep in the middle of it.
Oliver W.
Sitting or lying comfortably on bed or floor,eyes closed,hands in the lap.
Crossing legs, wearing comfortable clothes with as less noise as possible.
Hugh B.
I lay down in my bed or sit comfortably on my couch to meditate. If I’m not comfortable, I won’t meditate and I really enjoy meditating but I used to hate it. I was convinced that I had to sit up right and be stiff to be able to fully meditate. Now I know that’s BS. Being comfortable doesn’t mean I’m not getting meditations full effects. I am. And I love it.
Ary Q.
I sit on my knees and use a foam block to lift me up a little to take pressure off my knees. Using a chair is fine too what’s most important is that your back is straight!
Daniel C.
I have a meditation cushion and sit in an easy upright Burmese lotus. It gives a certain dignity and primes myself when I take on that position that I am going to meditate.
Theodore P.
I sit with my back supported and my legs to the side on a comfy couch covered in a blanket. I meditate in the morning so it’s usually cold. However my body feels comfortable is how I position myself. I don’t want any distractions (not even my body) during this time.
Jeff T.
I like to lay on my back on a mat , away from people, I can't concentrate well but , and I am wondering about its use..
Selma Y.
Seated cross-legged. Sit on the floor with a blanket underneath you to make sure you have good spinal alignment and imagine all your vertebrae stacked on top of eachother. If you can invest in a meditation cushion that will make it easier to keep good posture.
J Rn I.
Mediation? Meditation / Yoga. Depends on type. Contemplative Prayer finds me in seated Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ Pose. Head and back straight as with a string. Soft smile. Hands on back and open to receive as in Marcus Method of Integrative EMDR. Health focused usually in Child’s Pose. Mindfulness varies. Now seriously, what gives? No ones asking these questions. Good luck with your research. Hope you post more talks.
Lydia O.
I have a special meditation cushion that I sit on when meditating in a crossed legged position. I find that the cushion helps me to align my hip joints and makes it easier to stay in a upright sitting for longer periods of time.
Cassandre Y.
Lying down in bed or on my yoga mat. With a duvet or blanket to cover me so I won’t catch a chill. When on the yoga mat I use a small pillow or such under my knees to minimise pressure on my lower back. A calm atmosphere with led candles (safety first) or some chillaxing music is lovely. Tv, radio, lights and distractions are preferably off.
Mille W.
I find the best position is whatever helps me feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s in a chair, other times it is in the traditional seated pose or it could be lying down.
Eduardo C.
I think might be sitting yoga lotto form-like when in the afternoon while energizes and connects my energy flow better. Sometimes I prefer to be laying down on the bed, a cushion or a park when I get to be there in the morning weekends orin weekdays when im very tired snd want to be comfy.
Davi A.
My favorite position for meditation is with legs crossed, sitting on the floor. Maybe I'll try to sit on a cushion. It could be more comfortable.