How do you start a meditation habit?

Jillian U.
I keep my meditation cushion always hanging in my room. my day start with drinking water with feel the day great, then a minimum of 5 minutes meditation for controlling my mind.

Karlfried B.
First I turn the lights to a pleasant dimmed orange then I put some nature sounds like a river or the wind and I'm ready to meditate.

Nicole P.
I started by using a meditation app on my phone. I use Calm which I love but there are many other good ones. I committed to getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to meditate. The calm app has a new meditation every day and keeps a record of my streak when I meditate every day. It's great to see that streak getting bigger but if I miss a day for what ever reason I just start again.

Sofia Q.
If you can brush your teeth every day, there is every chance you can set aside 5 minutes to meditate. Set a range of times you might be able to sit, have a strong determination to succeed and smile when you don't.

Mathilde P.
I started with another apps called headspace. There is a beginner pack for who never meditate before. And it helps a lot for a beginner like me to get used with that new activity.

Baptiste F.
I do it at night because that's when I'm most prepared to relax. It helps stop racing thoughts before bed and I hope anything I've learned through the experience will remain inside me.

Dimitri P.
I do it right before bed. I turn off the lights sit on the floor in the meditation corner on my meditation pillow. I turn on my meditation app and listen as I stretch and breathe.

Everett T.
Set up an alarm in the Fabulous app. Experiment with time of day. You may prefer the same time every morning, maybe you're more comfortable meditating in the evening. Try it for minimum 5 days consecutively. If you miss a day, start over. Use the provided exercises or one out of a book, whatever you prefer. Good luck.

Macit T.
Iam starting my day drink water with great the day feel. my meditation cushion always keep in front of my room. After drink water iam enjoying in meditation for my mind control with starting a great day.

Samantha W.
Find a method that resonates with you, it makes it a pleasure not a pain.

Reno A.
I really don't know.

I just started doing it.
Sometimes it's at night next to my dog's bed.

Sometimes it's in the morning in the treehouse that was recently built by the guy that lives in the shed.

You just have to find the time.

You have to make the time.

Amir W.
I start by setting my self a constant time for meditation and then I just go to my "meditation place", find my self a comfortable sitting position, close my eyes and just start relaxing and breathing regularly, deeply and calm.

Yolanda Z.
I've found it helpful to join a group with experience. The silent sit is done with the group & seems easier than sitting by myself though that is often the only way. The more & longer I sit the easier it becomes.

The disciplines & what has proved helpful to induce a meditative state is best learned in a separate "how to" class. Usually such classes teach their specific ways of meditating based on the experience of their leading teachers. Read about different practices & experiences.

Blake J.
Cooler, quieter, unplug from computer, heating pad for back, fans on, door closed, warm feet at night. Hope for good sleep.

Roberto Z.
I usually use guided meditations on phone apps. I choose the subject based on my mood and need. During the day I meditate on my breaths and scan my body to release the tension

Nelli U.
I’d recommend downloading the Insight Timer app. Try a few and find a couple that you like, then get the Fabulous app to remind you to a session in the morning (possibly while you are still in bed before breakfast!) plus last thing at night. Once you see and feel how good these sessions make you feel you’ll want to add some more (like a post-work session, etc.).
Best of luck! You can do it.

Mitchell A.
Peace came to me sometime after I included in my meditation an intention to be joyful. The big smile that appeared on my face is what kept me coming back.

No Lia F.
I start drinking water and exercising. It warms the body and opens my mind

Mesut C.
Make it enjoyable, and something you look forward to. Choose a beautiful and peaceful place to do your meditation. (If it's early morning, or late night, allow yourself to take your blanket. ;). Do what you love. Don't expect anything in particular, except the gift you give yourself of time to relax and enjoy the moment.

Tyler U.
I took an 8-week meditation course that helped me develop the habit a few years ago. This training helped me understand what to do, what I could experience and why it is helpful to me. It makes it easier to pick up the habit after a lapse when I know what it can do for me.

Klaas U.
I've started because I really enjoy taking time for myself in this way – I never thought it would work for me but actually committing to doing it has made it an important part of my morning.

Sandy F.
A meditation habit begins by preparing a special, quiet place to meditate. Then determine to "practice" meditation. This is best done without much expectation or requirement. Start small, encourage yourself. See where it fits brilliantly into your schedule. It should be looked forward to, not a chore to be performed. Devoting the time to simply enjoying yourself and trying different forms of meditation! This is key. Just relax and experiment to find your way. Remember what you find most enjoyable and effective, and repeat those.

Ann Kathrin O.
I try to get into a comfortable position and concentrate on my breathing. Observe the breathing going in and taking with all the bad stuff when I let go of the breath.

Mathias Z.
Use an app with simple and clear instructions. Give your self whatever time you can afford and don't stress if you miss a few days.

Martha C.
I think about why I want to meditate in the first place. It is a habit I want for myself, not a chore someone else wants me to do. This also keeps me from feeling guilty if I fall out of practice. No one needs to know but me, and I don't need to feel bad. I also curate a spot. I sit in my favorite chair, by my window and a plant I am particularly proud of keeping alive, and during meditation I light a nice smelling candle and actually use the 'calm' app, which is usually only about 10 minutes. It's not too much, but I feel a difference on days I meditate.

محمدپارسا کریمی N.
I got the Headspace app and did it every morning for 10 mins. I woke up earlier by 10 mins so I’d have the time. I also liked to see my progress and made it a game not to miss a day to see how long my streaks could get.

Luca A.
Get motivated intellectually and spiritually to do it.
Pick a time of the day to do it.
Do it for 21 days in a row to create the habit.

Nikolaj Z.
Sit in proper form with spine straight and concentrate on my breath. Try to get my focus back to breathing each time it wanders.