Which kind of meditation is the most helpful for you?

Ricardo W.
I like meditation that is guided and i learn about life. how to live fully. it theaches me about how you need to fovous on the present moment and do all the small tasks to the fullest
Noah C.
Soft sounds…not alot of chimes, maybe a harp. I don't like the sounds of outside…it makes me want to go outside when I'm trying to meditate
Kristina Z.
For me it’s definitely mindfulness meditation as you can do it anytime and anyplace. You don’t have to strictly sit in one place, you can just mindfully focus on your task, or deeply relax while doing something you like. Another type is shower/bath meditation and meditation after exercise. 🙂
Christoffer G.
I use the “calm” app and go through the different courses. I am working full time as well as doing a degree and so I’ve been non-stop. Calm has helped me focus on my work and keep positive. I also use their sleep stories and my Fitbit app tells me I’m having much better quality sleep now.
Angelo F.
Self help meditation. Where i can focus on how amazing i am. That way when i go out i believe that i am amazing because I have had a bit of self talk problems focusing on the amazing things i can do makes me feel like i can do anything
Linda N.
Meditation to help me focus, as I tend to get very distracted on the day to day life. I like to meditate during a long time so I can feel my body relax. It makes me mentally healthier too.
Cornelius F.
The most helpful is simply breathing and focusing on the breathing. It helps me calm down so much and relieves lots of stress.
V Nio Q.
Introspective meditation, and calming. Something to help diminish anxiety and let me fully flesh out ideas I'm mulling over. Quietness, solitude, calm.
Odila Q.
I use the neopath app. It has really helped me focus my mind for meditation. Each day you become stronger and stronger. I prefer to meditate laying down with my fingers and toes spread. Helps me stay relaxed and enjoy the moment.
Emil W.
When I’m stressed, Guided meditation with soothing music. I also like doing art mindfully as a way of meditation. Soothing new age, jazz, nature sounds, and classical music are the most soothing. Restorative yoga poses are as meditative as progressive muscle relaxation.
If I need energizing meditation with a combination of yoga and stretching or Latin or world music is soothing.
Antero C.
Calm long smooth meditation with an instructor that has a smooth voice and a calming effect to their listeners. So basically very calm stuff 😊