I’m really enjoying the meditation right now, but conscious that I’m only a week in. What do you do to change it up?

Valdemar B.
I know that the challenge is for just a week but doing this for one week will make it a habit and i will start doing it everyday!

Haraldo Q.
What is the problem of “only a week in”? If you want some change in your meditation maybe you change things up?????? There are million different ways to meditate, maybe you try them all?

Rouven X.
I love to try different types of guided meditation, there are tons of free YouTube videos and some options on streaming services depending on which one you subscribe to (I have Amazon Prime Music and there are TONS). They offer different intententions, visualizations, subliminal messaging – endless variety. Also see if there are any meditation groups in your area – gong meditation, drum circles, energy healing; again, a potentially endless variety.

Jesus J.
Listen to different people and playlists whilst meditating. There is also nothing wrong with repetition because your body will know what time it is and how it should be feeling.

Selmira Q.
There are zillions of meditation styles so you could try a different app , I like 10% Happier. Personally I don’t listen to the meditations in Fabulous. You could look up a local meditation group and go along to a drop in meditation. You could do a silent meditation and just set a timer: instead of focusing on the breath you could try focusing on sounds, sensation eg at the feet or hands or belly. You could try focusing on detecting thoughts coming and going and ‘noting’ them silently labelling whether they are about the past or the future

Maria U.
I downloaded the Waking Up with Sam Harris app and he teaches a number of different approaches and methods of mindfulness meditation with new content daily. I’ve loved the variety and use it morning and night!

Stacy J.
Don’t get stuck on one specific type of meditation. Explore other types. My favorites are body checks and different visualization meditations. Just explore!

Loan Z.
I change the meditation I use. I actually use the Headspace app, it has lots of different courses you can do to help with lots of different aspects of your life. Their sleep meditation course is a must in my opinion.

Ronald Z.
I use multiple apps when I need a change. I can switch types of meditation, topics. Sometimes I read a meditative book. Sometimes I do walking meditations. Trying it at different times of the day. In different situations and environments.

Lisa F.
Try exploring different types of meditation. For example, you could experiment with different types of guided meditation (using apps like Headspace), and see what’s right for you. Also, maybe consider reading books on meditation. My personal favorite is Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-To Book. Hope this helps. 🙂

Tain N.
Honestly, my mind changes it up for me. No two days are the same and it’s interesting to see how my moods shift. That said, I also enjoy trying different techniques. The Headspace app, for example, has dozens of series you can do to focus on specific challenges or try new techniques.

Good luck in your journey!