How do you set up a good meditative space?

Thiago A.
you need a dedicated spot to meditate, a curated space that brings you joy. I like colorful cushions and essential oil diffusers.
Elizabeth Z.
For me, any space is a good meditative space. When I started meditating, I would meditate in my bed room because it is where I feel safest and most at peace. Now when I meditate, I shut out everything else. I meditate to bring peace to the space I’m in instead of looking for a space that’s already peaceful.
Maureen F.
I have a go-to "kit" so I can just make a space where I need it. Pillows for support when sitting, earplugs if its loud, eye mask if its bright, a go-to app on my phone so I can pull up a guided meditation or just background sounds. As far as a permanent space in the house I just have a favorite chair and keep that space clean and attractive and make sure it's always a calm space even if I have guests-then when I meditate I have my kit for what I need that time. I dont use everything every time. so experimenting is what worked to get my space how I needed it. Good luck. Its a fun journey.
Riley E.
Light a candle 🕯 Make yourself comfortable, and able to sit with good posture. Fee the warmth of the candle and inhale its scent.
Elias Y.
In the morning I have a peaceful place in my room before all flatmates have woken up. I just need a peace of ground near the sofa to meditate.
Julie P.
Due to health I find it hard to sit so I lie on. My bed. The important thing is it’s quiet, you won’t get disturbed and you feel safe enough to meditate there.
Signe X.
I keep it simple and stretch out on the floor or on top of my bed or sit on the couch with all noise and distractions tucked away.
Benjamin P.
For me, it was important that the space be clean and private. I set up a cushion in the corner of our guest room, with a small side table on which I put a few candles, and a drawer that has matches and a few other minor items. The guest room isn’t used much, so it stays neat and I can close the door. When we have guests, I can just move the candles and cushion into a corner of my bedroom for a while.
Astrid F.
Setting up a good meditative space is trial and error, and what works for one person won’t work for another. If my back is playing up, I will meditate in bed in the morning.

I also have an actual meditation room that I have set up in our smallest bedroom (7’x7’) – although a dedicated space in any quiet room (or sheltered outdoor area) would work. I have a rattan lotus chair, a salt lamp, low shelving with my books on meditation and other “peaceful” books, my singing brass bowl, and a few other items (sitting Buddha statue). I only use this space for meditation or reading books on meditation, Buddhism, or other “spiritual” books, so as soon as I go through the door, it is as though my intention and focus are already on meditation.

Priska T.
I would suggest that you truly only need seclusion, so that you don’t have frequent interuptions, and a comfortable place to sit. My space is in the living room, on the couch facing out of the window, when I know no one is going to come through.
Emma E.
Its all about comfort and being free of distractions. If you are uncomfortable—that can be a distraction. I have a round meditation cushion on the floor that helps me sit upright without being uncomfortable.
I also recommend listening to Binaural beats with headphones in. The sounds create a tone in your head and I use the movement of the tone to focus on to clear out thoughts. Other fun recommendations are to have good scents around you to observe—candles, essential oils, or incense—whatever makes you happy! 🙂
Alma Z.
Try to find a room in your home that is little used. Dedicate it as your meditation space. Put a sign on the door if needed. Or, you can choose a space in another room, maybe a corner. In a worst case, use the bathroom. People won’t interfere in there. 🙂
Alexander U.
I just close my eyes.
Well, a bit more.
I use the bells of the app. Insight timer and/or a chosen meditation from YouTube