How do ypu consistently wake up early to meditate?

Cory T.
Meditating at the time when u just wake up is really good and it will impact more. To do so first make sure that your phone is away, second stretch your body every morning,free all those muscles and then sit straight on the bed to meditate , u can just close your eyes and focus on your surroundings, noticing each and every detail
Jaileyah G.
Well when I first wake up I drink my water and I always have back pain when I wake up so I meditate and stretch at the same time but while sitting down so it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it πŸ™‚
Sithu N.
Set the alarm, then crate the good habit to be sustainable.
As soon as the alarm rings, try to get up and develop the ha it of taking water within short period after getting up. Then, not to use social media and game. Open music and move to bathroom for washing and tooth brushing.
Grete E.
Just set an alarm and make it your daily job to meditate even if you're not feeling like doing it still force yourself… all depends on you tbh
Shivam G.
It's simple, without meditation I used to waste my day and was never productive but I can't continue that way anymore. Hence, I tried meditation and sticked to it. I saw the changes and as my other healthy habits, I left this one too.
Few days later, I was back from where I started. After this point, I had two options either to mediate everyday for few minutes or let my bad habits control me.
Choice was simple to make as this time I was not ready to ignore the best within me anymore.