Do you ever fall asleep when meditating? Or have out of body experiences?

Jan Peter Z.
Yes, just last night I fell asleep meditating. I decided it would be better to mediate in the morning or midday to avoid that from happening.
Istvan C.
I often fall asleep when doing meditation … Certainly when I have found a place of relaxation in my body or when I do it in the evening
Dan T.
I have never fallen asleep while meditating, but I have meditated in bed in order to sleep and have fallen asleep right afterwards. The conscious effort of bringing my focus back to the present makes it hard for me to fall asleep, but the calming effect of meditating makes it easy to sleep after. I have never had an out of body experience in any way.
Heliodoro S.
Yes, rarely but I do, when I had not enough sleep and I am meditating while lying down, it's safer to sit 🙂 second question – I don't, it's not a goal for meditation
Tony O.
Yes, sometimes I do fall asleep when I am meditating and I take that to mean that I am tired and my body knows it needs to sleep. When I am rested, I try meditating again.
I frequently have out of body experiences when I meditate, because I practice the form of meditation where I do seek answers to questions, problems, and situations from my Spirit guides and ancestors.
Mae A.
I sometimes Fall asleep but view this as my body's need for rest. If you don't have time for a nap, set a gentle alarm to wake you.
Austin W.
Yea I sometimes nod off a few times during the same meditation when tired. Have to rewind it if I missed the instructions 😀
Leonard J.
I think it's the best to fall asleep while meditating. I do fall asleep while meditating. I am not quite sure about what is meant over here as out of body experiences.
Rita F.
Oh yes – i often feel tired when iam meditating – but its okay bcs after i feel refreshed 🙂 i love meditating early in the morning and right before bedtime
Ma Lia Q.
No, for me meditation is a time of contemplation and reflection. I find it relaxing but I am still aware of my body and connected to it.
Vicky O.
Yes, I have fallen asleep momentarily. I have not noticed any out of body experiences or maybe I don't recognize them as such. .
Suzanne R.
I've fallen asleep during yoga nidra (but then that's lying down, possibly with a blanket and hearing what seems like a story being told). Otherwise, no I haven't fallen asleep and sadly I haven't had any out of body experiences – sounds like fun!
Silene P.
I have a few times. But since I follow mindefulness meditation my attention is on body sensations or breathing and that means I am awake. My friends tell me it’s okay to fall asleep. Meditation helps you correct all mind related activities and sleep is one of them.
Thomas Y.
Yes, I have noticed that after the meditation I get sleepy like a baby I have skipped two of my classes cause of that.
Dolores N.
Yes I fall asleep during meditation but that is not what meditation is about. If you fall asleep, best thing is to sleep and try meditating when you are not so tired. Best to meditate when you are alert and awake. As for outer body experience, yes, once at Wat Pananachat I floated and looked down on my body. I told the head monk and he said that's nice, but it's just an experience. Observe and Let It Go. That, also, is not what meditation is about.
Andreas W.
Yes, actually. All the time. It used to happen a lot more frequently, mainly falling asleep. I've learned that it's simply your body telling you that you need more sleep in your life. I've been getting more sleep than usual for a while now and I don't very much have this happening anymore. Also drinking tea or coffee before meditating is helpful. As for OBEs, I've never had one while meditating.
Damian T.
Often bring overwhelmed or uncomfortable emotions are barriers to effective medistion
Victor C.
I have never experienced either. I have however taught classes where my students (especially those who had the highest stress) would fall asleep. The sensation/experience of leaving your body or watching yourself is also quite common.
Titouan Z.
I have never fallen asleep during a meditation. Nor have I have an out of body experience. That being said, I do find that I am more in touch with myself, learning what I really want to do. And, I seem to be able to understand what my dog is trying to say to me. I, salsa find myself seemingly to know what is going to happen in the near by future of my family and, Mischief the great, my best friend, my Shih Tzu dog.
Flora Q.
I never fell asleep during meditation because I am focused on my activity. Meditating does make you feel relaxed, but it does not make me dose off.
Ga Tan Q.
While meditating, my mind does tend to wonder. I usually think about school or what’s going on around my house. However, I have never fallen asleep during meditation. My morning routine gets me energized before I meditate so I suppose my body is already wide awake when I meditate. I don’t believe I have ever had any out of body experiences during meditation but I can’t be too sure.