It’s easy to remember what I’m supposed to be doing when there’s a voice telling me what to do, but how can I remember to be present during the rest of my day?

R My Z.
Body scan by noticing different sensations (i.e. tension, tingling, relaxation, pain, discomfort, hot, or cool etc.) Starting from your toes all the way up to your head. Also notice your breath as it is and focus on how you breathe in, out, and if there are any pauses. Using your five senses while drinking/eating something that you have daily (i.e. tea, coffee, fruit, chocolate etc.). Notice what it looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like and tastes like
Lia E.
To remember being present you can try programming a trigger. Every single time you look up to the sky or you see a candle or a bird remember to be present.
Zenon U.
I know what you mean. You get caught up at work or other things and by the end of the day you realize you forgot to be more present. I would suggest keep meditating daily. If you are consistent, you’ll start to be more mindful throughout the day, your focus will increase and you will improve your self-awareness. Sometimes i notice myself getting upset at work over a challenging situation, and i’m able to react objectively because i can choose not to let my emotions control me. Good luck with your mindfulness goals! 🙂
Catherine U.
Usually I identify that I’m caught up in my mind because I feel it in my body. It’s almost like I’m cramped or compressed. Once I recognize that feeling in my body, I start my practice of getting into my heart and into the present moment by making simple observations like I see the light in a tree, I hear a train in the distance, I smell rain on the ground, etc.
Heribert U.
Well, I understand this isn’t easy! But what helps me to achieve daily routines, is to remember only two things: checking Fabulous app, where I keep all habits I want to improve and try to achieve goals I’ve set. Second thing that helps me is checking a place where I described my things that motivates me, things that lower my activity to remember to avoid it and gifts I want to give to myself for a weekly improvement 🙂 It’s not easy, but you can try to use my solution. I’ll keep fingers crossed 🤞 🙂‼️