How do you find time to keep up your meditation routine when you are surrounded by people all the time, like when you’re on vacation?

Kopal N.
By getting done with the meditation before other people even wake up. This also means that one need to go to bed earlier than others in order to wake up before others do.
Abigail G.
As crazy as this sounds, I will meditate, anywhere, anytime. I have meditated in the parking lot at the grocery store or Walmart (parked near the back). I have locked myself in the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub (or while bathing). The great thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere but you might need to get creative about it.
Michelle T.
I usually meditate when I wake up. Generally, I wake before anyone else – so I have no disturbances whatsoever. You can also excuse yourself from a group and let them know you are going to look for a quiet place to meditate- people are very considerate of that I find.
Val Ria P.
Honestly, I find time to really just be alone. Sometimes it's best right before you go to bed or before you wake up. Sometimes if I know I'm not bothering anyone, I'll even do it when I'm in the bathroom. You just need a quiet place where you can block out other for a short period of time.
Lemon G.
I tend to put in earbuds and read a book and think. Or I draw and just let my mind wander. I love reading writing and music…
Ryan F.
True, it is harder to find the time to meditate when you are very busy or on vacation. But 10 minutes, 5 minutes, even 3 minutes is better than nothing.
Rebecca C.
My meditation consists of headphones with classical music, Daily Bread devotional and app Bible reading with an early cup of tea. I let everyone know (if they’re awake) that I’ll be in my own zone for fifteen minutes uninterrupted, and they usually respect my time.
Chardonai N.
I do not get out of bed until I have meditated. I make and take that time for myself. There are some very powerful one or two minute meditations.
Maria S.
I am on vacations too, I make my space when I am going to bed at night, but it is difficult not getting sleep, but I do my best not to, or when I am at the beach Or some tranquil place but of course if I am alone or I invite others to do it too with me, that way they respect my time and space for a while
Frida G.
Enjoy the small snippets of time to….soak in nature or let you mind wonder to things you are grateful for. All in keeping with a mediation practice without excluding yourself from the group.