Do you find benefits to different kinds of meditation (breath, listening, guided, eyes relaxed, eyes closed etc etc)?

Milan T.
Yes, I particularly like mediation that gets you to tense and release muscles in your body to relax and relieve tension
Lissy U.
No but people swear by it so I meditate anyways. I think the point is just to train your brain to focus on something, be it breath, sounds, or whatever
Dawn U.
I like breathing meditation! I haven't really tried any other types of meditation.
Joy J.
Meditation should be done for its own sake, not with some gaining idea of benefits or enlightenment. In this sense, all that matters is that you sit on your cushion/stool in an upright posture and pay attention to the feelings of your breath. Eyes closed or open, whatever feels right for you. Whenever you notice your mind wandering, notice what it is that carried it away and return its attention to the breath without judgement.
Maurice J.
Yes, definitely. It helps me to calm down and be more aware of my feelings. Perhaps in the moment you won't feel the benefits, but if you keep practising, you will realise you are calmer and more present in daily life.