What do you do to mitigate your self-judgement when you lose your concentration?

Rafaelo E.
Gently acknowledge the intrusive thoughts or activities which made you lose concentration, writing them down if necessary. Recognizing that thoughts are difficult to control and that concentration takes practice, and by acknowledging the loss of concentration and then refocusing on the matter at hand, you are doing that practice, and will soon be even better at concentrating.
Francesca J.
Whatever happens today is meant to be. If I can't settle into my mindfulness meditation, I just work on my breathing. I was told I would lose concentration while I'm learning. It's like a muscle you have to use it to get better at it. Be kind to yourself.
Solano S.
I just come back to it. Sometimes feel a little guilty because I listened to child
Guenter S.
The best thing to do when I lose concentration is to sit down focus and breathe I have to remember to do one thing at a time and to give my full attention to the 1 thing.
Titouan Z.
I try to take a step back and observe my thoughts and where they are stemming from. Most of the time this happens I notice they come from a place of unworthiness and lack of self-acceptance, which stems from my dad's lack of self-acceptance of himself and others around him. Growing up with those thought patterns contributed to the unconscious habit of
Hunter Z.
I usually take the coldest shower I can and then coupled with imagery, I visualized every negative thought getting washed away. Then shift to a hot shower, think happy thoughts, affirmations. 😁
Christian N.
I practice zazen. The apparent simplicity of this type of meditation, that we are just sitting and breathing, helps with the feelings of doubt and self-criticism. You can return to counting the breath or to focusing on wherever you are feeling the breath. For me, that's the nostrils. Because this is so simple, it quickly becomes an almost automatic response and that is a good thing as we are all going to lose our concentration. In fact, losing your concentration is a good thing. It is the sign of a healthy mind – think about it, we're not used to stillness. So before you sit try to remember that losing your concentration is normal and might be expected. There is no goal in meditation, no standard we are trying to reach. When we sit, we already have everything we need. You're not trying to 'train'.
Rico J.
Losing concentration is nothing bad. It happens. It is how the mind works. As soon as you accept, that you are doing nothing wrong, you will progress and essentially your mind will become more focused on one task! So my advice is, when you notice that your mind is wandering, acknowledge the thought (make it your AHA! moment) and let it go. Take it deep breath and go back to whatever you were concentrating on in the first place.
Kristina U.
I usually just concentrate on my breathing and if something ticks me off ill ignore it and focus back on my breathing, feeling every movement and exchange.