What can I do about back pain when I meditate?

Ida C.
I am still finding out the best as mine was cramping up myself. Stay focused on ur breathing and your body and keeping your back straight?

Maria F.
Try funding something to sit on, like a pillow or blanket to have more support. If it still persists, try laying down during meditation

Jonathan G.
If I were you I would just lay down when I meditate. My back was hurting from dance and I really wanted to meditate…so I layed on the couch and it worked just fine!

Tyrone P.
To begin with, meditate in whatever posture is most comfortable. Even lying down might be a good start. Or maybe try shorter duration like 3-5min. Body should be able to adapt over time unless there is a more serious medical issue in which case visiting a doctor would be a good idea.

Clarisse E.
Use pillows/cushions. Or try reclined mediation.
Strengthening the core may also help.

Gabrielle C.
This is result of sitting too erect and stiff. Try to relax your posture, but don't slouch.

Vernon P.
I usually lay down when my back starts to hurt. I feel that meditation is about stress release and we don’t have to aim to be perfect.

Daryl F.
Try to train your back muscles and in your everyday life sit down straight.