I often find it hard to stay focused when I’m meditating. It seems to be a really difficult thing to turn off your brain and just focus on one thing. Do you also experience problems like this? If so how do you deal with it?

In S Y.
I try to be kind to my mind. Meditation is amazing but if you force it. It could feel very demotivating. I try to accept that my mind wants to wander today. I try to gently guide my mind back to the meditation. I hope this helps. Goodluck on your journey😊
Hannah E.
Of course, it’s a common thing to experience!
When it happens to me, i focus on my breath. I can also recommend searching following on Pinterest or YouTube “how to meditate”
Cecilie A.
I do meditate in open air area . It seems easy to do meditate in open air area. During meditate we have to focus on centre of our mind and do long exhale and inhale of oxygen.