I have tinnitus and I love meditating! Especially silent meditation. But tinnitus can be reaaal nasty sometimes, and most masking doesn’t help as I can always cut through it in my mediation. Is there a way to make peace tinnitus in my mind to stop the torment?

Lore F.
I too suffer from chronic pain and I find that I had to first allow the pain to happen but in a way that was looking at in a mindful way. Once I got understand the pain I then set out to design my own brain trick such as putting the pain in a box and let it out when I am ready to deal with the. Others have told me that their pain feels like a knife and they imagine a plastic knife that protracts when it hits them. I have also been told for a burning sensation imagine pouring water on the flames. Basically you need to learn about the pain and a way to have the brain react differently to the experience. This is no small feat since you are opening yourself up to focusing on the pain initially. Once you have the tools, use them for your silent meditation.
Mathias B.
I also suffer tinnitus so would love to know your findings. No stimulants like coffeeand white noise seem to help as well as a stress free environment and state of mind. However, it’s always there this just lessens the severity for me.
Dean Z.
Oh my I’ll start praying ASAP for you to find peace within your ears. My suggestion is to think about your favorite things that make you happy as this can bring joy and help relax your whole body. Think of peaceful places you love to see. I hope this will help you to achieve your goal !!!Aloha
Aubin Q.
I cannot help you as I have no means to find out what you mean exactly for myself like a 12.5 year old I have to rely on other people to take care of my quality of life and overall well-being even if the other people are the people I really want in my own life to support me in having my own life for myself going against my own biological parents.