Is it ok to meditate lying down in the bed or is it better to sit down on the floor! Not sure if there is much difference! Thanks

Damien N.
I think because the point of meditation is being aware and present, sitting up is better – because you might drift off and fall asleep lying down!
Fil Mon Q.
I tend to meditate sitting crossed legged on the sofa or floor. Or I will just fall asleep, but it’s whatever works for you!
Jon C.
When meditating it's best to do exactly what feels most comfortable to you or you'll find yourself unable to focus properly and get the most out of your session. for instance I prefer to lay on my bed, a warm lavender buckwheat eye pillow across my eyes, my weighted blanket over my body and listen to my meditation with headphones on to block out any and all distraction.

Create a ritual for yourself, this is your space, your moment of calm in a life that otherwise can be so hectic…… You deserve this.

Alex S.
I prefer lying on bed as I find relaxation easier. Exception to this is when I’m doing an early morning energising routine
Iza Q.
I believe either way is fine, bu I prefer to meditate lying in bed so that I don’t have to worry about my posture, which clears my energy up to think about breathing deeply and getting lost in my thoughts.
Massi P.
Sitting up in cross-legged position is the best way because the energy channels are open. Sitting on a cushion with the sitbones slightly elevated allows breathing to flow into the lower belly and pelvic floor easier. Lying down is also okay as long as you don’t fall asleep
Tamara Y.
I believe and will continue to act as though anyone can meditate anywhere they feel works best for them. Being in your bed is a very comfortable spot and you can feel very calm but I think it ultimately depends on where you can feel more present and where you can activate your mindfulness, not get swept away by your regular thoughts.
Diana F.
I started by lying down in bed because sitting was so uncomfortable for me. During that time, I fell asleep a lot during meditations. Over time, I slowly shifted to a chair, and then to a meditation cushion. Sitting up helps me stay more focused during the meditation and I feel the benefits more strongly afterwards. The transition was necessary for me, so I think it depends on what you need. If sitting is comfortable, I would recommend that. But if not, lying down is fine.
Hugh J.
I‘d recommend to sit in a spot designated to meditation. Meditating in the same spot will get you in the right mindset. In the bed it‘s easier to doze off accidentally.
Juan X.
I think it’s better to sit because i fall asleep when I’m laying in bed. I also find it easier to connect and open my head to the sky while I’m sitting. But meditating can be done lying down or walking or running or swimming, it’s about the mindset not the posture. I think for beginners lying down can be good and then when you feel more comfortable you can switch to sitting.
Storm U.
Lying down runs the risk of you falling asleep. If you are going to lay down, then make sure you do it when you are fully awake. Do not be sleepy.
Dan O.
If you are going to meditate before a nap or sleep, it is best to lay down, if you are meditating for a clearer mind and energy, I suggest sitting up straight. Hope this makes sense!
Lucille U.
This is totally up to you. I prefer a straw mat on the floor. But that’s me. What ever makes you the most able to relax and find your zen.
Gisbert G.
Even though you can meditate lying down, but it always better to do it while sitting. You can use a yoga mat to sit , burn incense and wear light clothing.
Michelle Z.
I think it’s all about preference and comfort. I usually go with what I am feeling at the moment. Sometimes I lay down on my bed. Sometimes I sit in a chair. Sometimes I sit on the floor. I recently learned that you don’t want to have your arms or legs crossed so that the energy can flow through you. Not sure if that depends on the type of meditation you are doing. But it’s a good point. Hope I answered your question. Happy meditating!!
Nathaniel C.
It is okay to meditate lying in your bed as long as you don't fall asleep. If you have trouble staying awake when you meditate in bed, it would be better if you sat in a chair or on the floor.
Peer E.
Meditating in bed is awesome! But I definitely need to set an alarm for after because there's a higher likelihood of me falling asleep.
Hildegund T.
Often if I meditate lying down, I go to sleep. Now, that’s not a bad thing, but I may not want to go to sleep at that time.
It’s better for me to sit up, also, because I want to be aware of the depth of meditation and experience the transition back to normal awareness.
Sara X.
If laying down is a way for your body to feel relaxed then that’s a relaxation session, sitting down on the floor helps you build a better posture and feel the ground energies it’s a resourcing session. 😊Hope my little words helped
Nathaniel Y.
I have this very same question.

So far I have found for myself that as long as one is focusing on the task at hand in the same quality. Then I don't think the how, sitting or lying, makes much of a difference.

Ryan E.
I find it easier to meditate lying down in bed, I don’t think there is a right way. Whatever feels most comfortable for you is fine!
Dale W.
Personally, I prefer to sit cross legged on my bed. Sitting up just makes me feel more aware but meditation is something completely personal to you, if lying down is how you feel most comfortable then go for it!