What are some techniques you use to clear your head when it feels like everything is going a mile a minute and you can’t seem to pull your thoughts out of chaos in order to focus on your practice?

Sandor X.
It's certainly super hard to clear your head.
Something that might help a little is to put some relaxing music like the sound of the ocean's waves and try to form the image in your mind. It takes practice to achieve the strength of controlling your thoughts and to not let the image slip your mind but once you are able to things get better. Take care of yourself pal <3
Alberte P.
Hello, user!! A technique I use whenever I have a panic attack it's very loud and I cant focus, everyone is telling me to listen to them but like I said I cant focus,so what I do is try to relax and start reading something it doesn't have to be anything complicated it could be as simple as 'Old McDonald had a farm'
Helena N.
There’s a a lot you can do. But a thing I like to do, is etc looking around me, how many green things can I see? How many people has blonde hair? How many dogs are there? Thing that can distract you.