Which is more effective: two 15 minute meditations (at different times of day) or one 30 minute meditation?

Hailey R.
I know the question is about Meditation, but my yoga practice is a little more developed, so I'll use that for my example:
I ski, so I use my legs A LOT. On days I plan on going to the mountain to ski, I do a 30 min session before (to warm up my muscles) and a 30 min session after (to cool down and stretch out the lactic acid from my muscles so I am not as sore the next day.) On days I am not skiing, I will do one 60 min session in the morning instead. That's what I've found works for me, don't be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you! It's all about the amount of time you have, and what you are trying to accomplish. If I did an hour of yoga before skiing, my legs would be worn out before I was done! So, I adapted my schedule to accomodate that. Don't be afraid to do the same (your routine is not set in stone!) until you find what FEELS right =3
Giacomo G.
In my personal experience I have seen that having more than one session per day works the best. When you get more experienced you could also have longer sessions, but I still find Shorter sessions through the day help me the most.
Lee N.
I like the idea of 2 fifteen minute sessions because you have the chance for your mind to rest 2 times a day instead of one. Sometimes I need that.
Emma S.
Personally I prefer the two shorter meditations as it fits my schedule better. I enjoy doing one at the start of the day and one at the end.
Theo P.
I think for practical intents and purposes, two 15 minute sits it’s easier to fit into your day, it requires less effort/commitment, and since we need breaks throughout our day, I think it fits in more nicely and is more welcome at least in my day in general. However there are times when, for me at least, I noticed my mind is especially hectic, and in 15 minutes it feels very superficial and not enough time to really settle myself, and in those moments I think 30 minutes it is preferable, if wen‘s goal is to find some calm. But I think short bursts are a smart way to go, it’s very practical, and it has a nice way of blending meditation into your daily routine, so that there isn’t some arbitrary separation between your meditation practice and the way that you live your life. You can be mindful throughout the day, and short meditation sessions can just be little ways of recharging your mindfulness or boosting it or taking a break.
Djalma C.
Actually it depends on your feelings. But if you are new like me, O suggest you to start with 15-15. You will learn to be concentrated with time. But if you feel yourself able to do that, you can try 30 minutes. This is all I know. And an angel number 111 🌼
Barbara U.
I actually only do one 15 minute session per day. I can extend if I want to. But putting the pressure on myself to do more than that is counter-productive for me.
Roberto U.
I believe that once a day it's good as long as you are able to concentrate in the present moment for such a long time. When starting to meditate is better to do it in shorter periods while you perfect the technique.
Denny Z.
2 fifteen minutes meditations. It allows you to address whatever is happening in those separate moments. It also grants you more time to practice. Different times of the day may yield different thoughts to observe or let go.
Brynn F.
I wouldn't know about comprehensive studies on the matter, but for me it depends on the day entirely. Sometimes 11 minutes is all I need and more would be overkill. Sometimes I need more than 30 minutes to explore my entire inner world as necessary for what the day has wrought.
Rose T.
Either is a great opportunity to refresh the mind, I personally do one 30min session as soon as I wake up and it helps me to start the day the best way possible, although when I've hit a ruff patch an 'extra' 15min in the afternoon won't hurt!
Lexy N.
Either. For me, I can’t concentrate on meditating for more than 10-15 minutes at a time so try to do 2 shorter ones during the day, but if you can do it for longer, I hear it is very beneficial for you
Carla O.
I think both variations of a 30-minute meditation are effective in their own ways, but if I had to put an answer to it I would say two 15-minute meditations is better than one 30-minute meditation. Our moods and emotions and stressors fluctuate throughout the day. While one long meditation in the morning might feel amazing and set you off
Elif N.
two 15 minutes meditation at different times of day better because it's really good way to rethink and relaxing for every each part of the day
Alex P.
It's better to have two 15 minute mediations. It allows me to help keep me even through the day. I'll choose whichever meditation feels appropriate for the mood I am in.
Stephane A.
Meditation is about focus and control of your tough if you can't focus more than 15 minutes don't worry about doing 30.
Steph S.
For me, two sessions are better than one. I always do one in the morning before the day starts and either one at the end of the workday or before bed depending on the day.
Jenny Z.
I believe it depends on the person. I meditate once a day for 10 minutes and it works great for me. My advice try both and see which suits you better.
Heather P.
How about 15 two minute meditations? Meditation is about mindfulness not effectiveness. You receive the benefits equally of meditation whether you do 30 minutes of meditation or 2.
Danielle V.
I think both can be effective however it's dependent on you and how it will work best in implementing either of these in your day. I think what is important is the system in place i.e. the space you will be doing the meditation, music, lighting etc. that will set you up to definitely complete the meditation. I use my phone to remind me to get ready, I have time to get to a good stopping point. Gather the things I need, move to where I need to and be ready to begin at the allotted time for however long.
Sasha P.
I would say it's up to you, but for me two 15 min meditations. If I am doing a long group meditation I may not do two in one day