Does it help to meditate before meals?

Aisling N.
I like to meditate as one of my first morning habits in my routine – before breakfast. I then slow myself down and end up enjoying a slower breakfast, savouring the food more and probably eating less!
Sofia E.
actually it is better to meditate after exercise and befor meal.
If your stomach gets full your body will get involve with digestion and your concentrate will be decreased
Neil J.
I find it helpful to meditate no matter what the situation so yes before meals included. Meditating calms you and personally motivates me after I meditate I feel motivated to complete whatever my next task is and usually I make it a healthy one.
Ivan E.
Meditation helps you to connect with your body, physically and mentally. The more connected you are, the more likely you are to make healthier choices.
Jimmy T.
I’ve never meditated before a meal. But I do believe it’s definitely something that would help your spirit in some way. Food nourishes your body, and meditation and thoughtfulness nourishes your soul. I think it would be a great thing to do before a meal! 🥰
Laura I.
It depends of what do you want to achieve during your meal. Whenever you eat, you should be mindful, it's called mindful eating. We are so often unaware of the food in front of us.