What is the minimum meditation time you should do to still reap the benefits?

Jake W.
Honestly, I myself am not even sure. I believe that any time really should help. No matter the length, it will still be a great help to the self. A good five minute session a day could be just em the right amount. Do it right when you wake, after your glass of water and, maybe stretch after. I’m sure the benefits will show out.
Angie Z.
That depends on your personal needs.
Some days i feel good with just a few mindful deep breaths randomly throughout the day, helps me to be present.
Other days i need to spend extra time really intentionally trying to calm my nerves. That's when i really need to get away and take 20 minutes of down time before getting back to the day or task.
Be flexible with it and listen to what you are thinking, saying and how you are behaving. You'll know when you've waited too long to meditate.
Michael R.
The minimum meditation time you should do to still reap the benefits is any amount. Five deep breaths can make a difference. Intentional mediation no matter the amount spent is key.
Christopher Q.
I would say at least ten minutes. Although Tibetan monks try to meditate in everyday life. Whether it’s while working or cleaning or if it’s just basic meditation. That is an extreme circumstance, but as for stereotypical meditations a minimum of ten minutes should try and be obtained.
Ryan J.
Meditation can be as short as five minutes and you’d still benefit from it. It may feel like it’s a long time to just sit and do nothing and just be mindful of the present, but i promise you won’t even feel it.