How do u find time to meditate?

Estelle R.
for now I have been doing really short meditation less than 10 min. I do it right after I wake up when I am still in bed.
I wake up 10 min earlier.
I know if I get up I won’t do it.
And sometimes I do it after a little yoga session.
Ma Lyne G.
I usually let the time to meditate 🧘‍♂️Find me you can walk to the shop an meditate while walking or on you bus/train journey when gardening you don't have to only sit and meditate walk in circles round your garden the choices are endless Beautiful Blessings to all 🙌🙏🙌
Magi N.
I always do it in the morning. I replaced the time I spend on my phone with meditating and that’s how I have more time to also do other stuff !
Amanda U.
I make time in the mornings. I get up a little early just so I have the time. I love the “Waking Up” app with guided mindfulness meditation and also the Metta practice through that Waking Up as well. It’s been my favorite app to use and is a great way to get started and get in the habit of meditating, and Sam Harris is a fantastic guide.
Bethany L.
Right after you wake up I the best time. No distractions, you give yourself 10 minutes to start your day off right. Even if that means waking up an extra 10 minutes earlier before your alarm. I give myself that reset for the rest of the day
Rayan F.
personally i dont look for a specific time to meditate. i just try to find a comfortable place to sit down quietly (and this could be anywhere for example, in a car.) without any disturbance.
L Lian Q.
Just before sleeping. I usually watch some movie or a series episode before sleep. When I start feeling drowsy, I turn off the TV and everything is silence, so I think about my day and what I can do better.
Rebbecca P.
I journal in the morning and in the evening. That way I begin and end my days expressing how I feel/felt throughout my time.
Nuray M.
It can be difficult with two little kids, but I've discovered that they can be a part of it, or that their noise is still part of the meditation experience of just being present in the moment.

With that in mind, sometimes I choose to meditate for 10 mins during lunch, or since this app stoic challenge, I've been meditating just after or before breakfast.

I don't have set times, but I sometimes tell myself, at some point this morning or this evening, do a meditation.
Sometimes I only choose to meditate for one minute, other times, 10 mins.

If I feel myself getting overwhelmed I try to make time for even one minute just to get back on track with the day. But I don't set schedules. Meditating should feel fun and done when needed.

Jeff N.
Cuando estoy intranquila o preocupada, a veces lo hago a hora exacta de mi rutina con obligación. Normalmente aveces tengo pereza de meditar pero luego recuerdo que es bueno para mi mente, cuerpo y Alma. Y lo hago
Gabriela P.
It makes me feel so relaxed and also help me with my mental peace, I can be more concentrated and be more calm during the day.
Miko Aj X.
I do it just before sleeping or while doing something else. Usuallly when i feel bad im just siting somewhere and meditating to calm myself down
Corinne Z.
If you want to change your life you have to take action to change it.
No one else will do it for you!
Start with 5 minutes setting your alarm to wake up 5 minutes earlier. Meditate for 5 minutes laying in bed. You'll be surprised how much better you fell. And how fast those 5 minutes go by. You will eventually want to start extending you meditation time.
Alexandra T.
I find time to meditate easily, becauze i have a job but i am not busy, but i always meditate when i am home, it s make me feel relaxed and it makes me live in present
Faiza O.
I find the time to meditate when I am quite stressed or I feel unhealthy and everything. But adding it to your morning or workday or night-time routine is a great way of developing a habit of meditating. What I do is I meditate when I feel unhealthy or stressed out and I have also added it to my morning routine to develop a habit. You can do the same too.
Maxine W.
It's all about commitment ❤ Everyone has the time to meditate, but most of the people are not motivated enough so they feel like they don't have time, but they do! Also you don't need to meditate 30 min a day!! Even if you start with a 1 minute meditation, that is already very good!! Start with small acomplishments that are easy for you! Im sure you have a minute a day 🙂 and then, if you feel comfortable enough, start by doing 6, and 7, 8, 9,…