Do you turn your phone on silent before meditating? Because a phone call or message really ruins my focus.

Jeffery O.
My phone is always on silent. I enjoy the times when I forget about it. Otherwise at every ding or swoosh or chirp of buzz my focus would be taken away from the moment in front of me to see an alert about something that could possible hurt my mood. So yes, when I meditate my phone is on silent, but I also try to have tiny meditative sessions throughout the day.

Esther X.
Absolutely. Even better if your phone, tablet, laptop, chrome book or any other device is all the way in a different room! Meditation should be completely free of distractions. You cannot looks inwards if you are looking outwards.

Simone N.
That is an excellent point. I have never remembered to do this but I think I will start going into airplane mode. I already have my phone set so that it makes zero noise EVER because I don’t like to be distracted. But calls do buzz. Thanks!

Eugene W.
In the past, I haven’t but it’s a good idea to put it on silent or at least cutting down your notifications. I have children so I always what them to be able to reach me.

Felecia F.
I don’t but that sounds like a good idea if you’re prone to get notifications at that time. I’m more prone to get interrupted in person & have considered closing my office door & putting a sign on it as to when I’ll be available.

Stella O.
Not always, but I agree that that the disturbance is not acceptable. I will try to put my phone on silent whenever I meditate.

Emil X.
I didn’t do it at first, but after a few interruptions it sounds like a great idea! It’s only 10-15 minutes after all, not much. Even if it’s an urgent call, I think that they can wait that much. You could have been in the toilet and miss the call, it would be the same 😉

Mauro P.
In some of the meditation applications there is an option "do not disturb when I meditate", it may work for you. In my opinion the meditation is the gift that you give to yourself, so don't feel bad when you put your phone in silent mode while meditating

Mathieu G.
I turn on the do not disturb setting during my meditation. It mutes all notifications but will show a missed call or text once I’m ready to step back into my day.

Maja P.
Yes I do. I put my phone on the Do not disturb mode. For the very same reason, as once it’s morning messages as notifications keep popping in. It’s hard to focus.

Bartolomeu Q.
Hi there, I know exactly what you mean! A message can disrupt your meditation session and quickly bring it to a halt. I put my phone on flight mode while meditating. No disruptions for the entire 15 minutes!