The husked and whispered voiceover in the meditation exercises really gets under my skin and actively irritates me. I try to notice that feeling and let go of it but every time the voiceover is back – which is all the time – I need to get back into meditation mode. Am I the only one to experience this problem?

Elliott F.
A good place to start is trying different white noise makers. There are tons of apps that have sounds that can play in the background of other apps. Often I'll use that during my meditations to block out unnecessary or distracting noise so I can focus on my thoughts and emotions. I use Tide because they have a wide (and easily searchable) collection of free sounds that I can create my own mixes with. Ultimately choose what is best for you. Another recommendation is finding a guided meditation that has a voice that is soothing to you. A step further is to record your own voice to meditate to. You can think of it as an embodiment of your conscience, and a reminder that meditating is an active choice you have to make to better yourself.
Sophie N.
I personally don’t feel it but if it irritates you then you should switch it. There are plenty of youtube guided meditations to sleep to. There are podcasts on spotify that do the same.