What is the best moment in the day to meditate? How much time should I make for it?

Ashley P.
I meditate when I need to. So, if I'm having trouble getting relaxed before bed, I meditate. If I need to get back in focus, I meditate. I wouldn't say that there is a set amount of time, I would start with 20 minutes, then if you need more add more.
Rene L.
I meditate in the morning after everyone has gone to work and school while the youngest is still asleep. Right now I'm still in the beginning stages of learning how to meditate and the 2nd week of The Fabulous app. So, I'm choosing small times like 5-8 minutes. After I get stronger with what I'm trying to accomplish I will get into longer ones. My mind gets easily distracted. I'm starting slow and will get faster once I can concentrate and control my thinking better. I deserve to be a better me and this is just the beginning. "Every journey begins with one step" and if you need to rest be sure not to lose sight of your destination and get back up. If you TRULY want it, YOU WILL DO ANYTHING to get it. ❤💋
Den Sia C.
I think in the evening is the best time to meditate. Because I've had along day so I'd like to wind down with 15 minutes of meditation time before bed
Tomothy T.
You can meditate whenever you want. I like to do it before going to bed for about 10-15 minutes just do let everything go that happened during the day so that I can sleep peacefully to have a fresh start the next day.
Laura P.
I like mornings but rarely make it. It's easier for me at night. To start, I meditate 10 min but as you progress can go up to 20-30 min
Recep S.
I think you can’t say that which specific time, but it must be the moment that you feel tired of working. Meditate is the best way to release yourself, and calm down. Every time I do it 5mins or a little bit more.
Heidi O.
I believe meditation is best in the morning, while everyone still sleeps, so you will not be bothered. As for time… Meditation should not have a set time (unless you are doing the stoic living ones). Meditation works for as long as you want it to work. A minute… Five minutes… Ten… Half an hour. But the moment you are looking at the clock, and fidgeting, is the moment meditation will no longer work. You would just be sitting there, anxiously fidgeting and counting seconds instead of meditating.