Do you prefer guided meditation or silence? Why?

Gerta F.
I prefer the guided meditation as it allows me to really focus on everything thats going on in my mind, and how my body reacts. With silence, it still feels like my mind is rambling uncontrollably without any direction. Guided meditation brings my straying mind to one place and be more self aware.
Victoria F.
I like the guided with soft music. It helps me slow down my body. Focus on my breathing. Then once I am calm or more centered I can set an intention or just scan my bodu
Juri F.
Guided has been a great place to start. Having anxious tendencies getting a nudge to stay centred helps from falling into any spirals of thought, to reel it back and focus
Magdalena X.
I use both, sometimes is better to be guided, sometimes I just need to spend the time with myself and the voice is disturbing me too much.
Lily U.

I like being guided because it is easier to focus on something

But silence is when I can do my own thing

I love to learn from other teachers through guided ones