When do you meditate?

Christina F.
I meditate first thing when I get up in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to bed. Sometimes I meditate during the day before starting a task that requires much focus.
Lea Y.
Early morning and late afternoon. I meditate to open my mind to the possibility of direction identification. To help enforce my value true north with the plan of the day. That I might not veer off course.
Lauren R.
I do a 5 minutes meditazione in the morning before getting up and a 10 minutes meditation at night before going to sleep.
Ewen Y.
I tend to meditate after school, so that I could try to relax after a stressing day of school work, teachers and of course the usual teenage dramas.
Clifton C.
I don’t really meditate… but I have tried it today for 3 minutes with an app called Balance. Around afternoon, that is. Good luck on your journey!
Tia N.
Usually right before bed. It helps me calm my thoughts so I can get a better sleep. I also will meditate in the afternoon if I’m having a stressful day or if I have time.
Eddie Q.
Normally I meditate during the night or when I'm getting ready for bed. It actually helps me sleep better, and it's one of the best times for my personally. However, on days when I'm off, I do try and meditate in the morning in addition to the normal one at night. It helps my day go by a lot smoother I think.
Jo A.
My meditate alarm is set for 0630. By that time, I am already at work, so I sit in the quiet solitude of my office with the lights dimmed, listen to some binaural beats or the band Caspian, speak some powerful chakra affirmations, and pray quietly, and sometimes I wind up going for longer than the 12 minutes, honestly. It refreshes me and puts me in a good headspace for the day ahead of me!