If you have a compelling idea (like a breakthrough) during meditation, do you stop to write it down or you hold on to it until the end of the session ?

Marie P.
I prefer not to stop the meditation. After the session I will write the idea down in my notebook. If you regularly face this, keep a notebook next to you and when you are done with the meditation, write these ideas down in your notebook.
Marie F.
I've done both, because far often the idea then lingers and interrupts the meditation session. And I use a guided meditation, if I ignore the idea then it sits on me. But if I pause to note it briefly then restart the meditation I feel better.
Axelle A.
I have never had any such big idea. But I might just think consciously on such idea till my meditation finishes and then may write it down detailed
Eva O.
I stop to write it down. If I keep going, I would either keep focusing on that thought so as to not lose it (defeating the purpose of the meditation), or my mind will wonder elsewhere and I will end up forgetting it.
Janna T.
Hmm! That depends if I keep a pen and paper beside me and I was able to capture the thought with a keyword. Yes, I'd write it down. But if it would take me more than a few seconds. I'd let the thought go knowing if it was brilliant enough it would come back to me.
I would never make a habit of interrupting my meditation.
It would have to be an earth-shattering thought.
Louise J.
I write it down if I'm at home as I have ADHD so I'd forget my idea otherwise. Meditation is brilliant for ADHD and so is this APP.
Sofia C.
For me, meditation is about clearing my head, to let thoughts drift past without getting engaged in them so the idea of having a compelling idea while focusing on not thinking at all is actually kind of paradoxical. Hypothetically, I'd probably write it down since I can imagine if would interfere with my intention of not thinking at all for the rest of the duration. I'd either be anxious to forget my grand epiphany or I'd start elaborating why it is such a breakthrough, both not very helpful in letting go of all thoughts.
H Lder Q.
You can stop to write it down. The thought will likely play on your mind if you try to continue meditation. You can always resume or restart your meditation session, whereas you might come out of it and feel frustrated if you can't remember your idea.
Orestes F.
I write it down.

I'm not about to forget something dope because some British guy ive never met in a phone app is telling me to ignore it.