Why do you mediate and what keeps you focused on meditation?

Mah E.
When I meditate I forget about the pain in my heart, body, soul and mind. It's like taking a breath of air when you feel like you're drowning

Coline E.
I had realized that I was a person who was very restless and wasn’t able to stay focused on certain tasks. I realized that this had negatively affected my self esteem and daily performance. I wanted to change that part of myself and I sat and reflected what kind of person I wanted to be, wrote it down, taking many inspirations from successful and seemingly happy individuals. And one of the things I came across was meditation and how it helped people reflect and concentrate more by practicing each day. And so far, I’m staring to see the results in myself. This motivates me to keep going since I like the person that I’m transforming to. Some of the few changes are being able to concentrate more on my tasks and not chewing on my nails anymore! (I’ve been a nail chewer since I was probably 6!)

Mira B.
I meditate to become more aware of my body, mind, and emotions. It's a piece of me time that I can do every day and feel good about. I use guided meditations, so their voice is the best thing to keep me focused. That being said, part of meditating is recognizing when (not if) your thoughts drift and to accept that as you kindly bring your attention back to meditation. It's a practice, not a performance.

Ramona U.
Because it reduces my stress and anxiety and it helps me fall asleep 😴 better. What keep me focused on meditation 🧘‍♀️ is my breaths and relaxing 😌 my body.

Anton G.
Meditation is not about stopping all thoughts or distractions – it's about putting space between them. It's about acknowledging them but not engaging with them, and letting them pass. 🙂

Philip B.
I just started with this app. I have completed exercises like these in the past at retreats.
What keeps me focused is curiosity

Stephen O.
I meditate to stay grounded and focused on what’s important.. to remind myself that my thoughts are only thoughts and they aren’t necessarily true.. I can choose the ones that are helpful and that resonate with my inner wisdom so I can be more effective in the world. I stay focused on my routine because I know how I am when I don’t.. it’s like watching your weight gain and lethargy when you are slack exercising, you feel the anxiety, self sabotaging, nagging thoughts and overwhelm creep in and it reminds you to keep at it. I know how good it can feel so I don’t want to go back to that. I find it helps me to bring out my true self so I attract people that are genuine in themselves, or at least are striving to be.
During meditation I stay focused by watching my breathing, sounds or focus on body sensations like tingling in the fingers… but the beauty of wandering off into thought is that you can actually see what your brain thinks about when you are letting it go unconsciously and unguarded, sometimes it’s terrifying to see how you actually talk to yourself and with that new awareness you spot it outside meditation and can redirect them and rewrite the scripts you tell yourself. So I don’t get upset with myself when my mind wanders, I get curious and then I gently bring it back. Sometimes it feels like my brain has its own special form of Tourette’s.. it eye opening to watch it do it’s thing. No wonder I often feel overwhelmed!!

Ellen O.
For fun, relaxation and to de-stress. I’m not always as focused as I can be sone days but that’s fine- part of the learning curve and to be expected when you’re learning.