What do you think about when you meditate?

Albert Sørensen
I think it depends on the kind of meditation. If it's just mindfulness I try to keep my mind still and not think about anything or focus on my breathing if it is a meta meditation that focuses on feelings of gratefulness I try to think and focus on the feeling. You have to find the kind of meditation that works for you since there are many explore and find one you like.

Sibylla Licht
I try to make an image in between my mind and focus on that. It may be of a mountain, river or rain and hear the background noise of music, concentrating on my breathing.

Enrique Mitchelle
Nothing. Just focus on your breath. Then I imagine I am miles above the earth. I am then thankful I can sit, undisturbed, no worries about famine, war, or sickness. So, I guess my answer is i think about gratitude.