What do you see or find when meditating and what is the best frequency to meditate to?

Tashmida T.
Well I found that meditating sleeps me to sleep better and it’s a great source for relaxing. Meditating reduces anxiety and it promotes positive tbh. Since I starting meditating like I pay attention to everything in my life and the breathing exercise helped me to think straight. So yeah that’s what meditating did to me:)
Aubrey T.
When I meditate I listen to the breathe category on Spotify. I usually start with just focusing on my breathing thinking things such as “in the the positive out with the negative” “In with the proactiveness out with the procrastination” and etc. I then just let myself get lost in the white noise and then I pray/ manifest some.
Anna C.
I just started meditating.so I’m not sure. Meditating makes me feel calm and peaceful. And I think high frequency would be better