Do you use the guided meditation sessions or do you have your own method? If you have your own method, can you please share what works for you?

Laura N.
I usually use Calm app, it is the BEST meditating app in the world. It has so many features such as guided meditation OR tips how to meditate on your own, just by following your breath – I highly recommend it. It also has 7 day programs for depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relatshionship series, self-loving series, kindness, love, physical pain relief and sooo much more!+ daily meditation. 😌🌿🧘🏼‍♀️ I have yearly subscription and it is my best investment in life – including Fabulous app, ofcorse! Good luck!🌸🌸🌿
Ethan F.
Sometimes, I like a guidet meditation. But other times, I like to just sit comfortably and breathe in and out slowly. It depends on my mood. It doesn't mean to be a big thing, I just sit in my chair in silence and breath. That works for me.
Liva W.
I listen to meditation music while I do a full body scan. I also listen to group immersions about anything that’s on my mind to help me get through any particular emotion or feelings I’m experiencing. I use insight timer, soulvana, mindvalley and also binuaral beats
Giovanna W.
I use the headspace app which has guided mediation. I'm a beginner so this way works best for me. There are different types of meditation on this app and you can decide how long you want to meditate for.
Ella E.
I use the guided ones, I find they work best for me because my mind wanders a lot when I do it on my own and I always think I am doing it wrong haha! I choose whichever guided meditation appeals to me on that day or whatever I think I need to contemplate. Hope this helps!
Cathy A.
I don’t use this apps guided meditations. Instead I use the free portion of the app Calm for my meditation sessions. I use the quiet timed meditation Calm offers and I’ve considered trying Calms bell meditation. The bell meditation has a bell chime every so often set by the user to remind the practitioner to bring back their focused awareness if they happen to get distracted or their mind wanders off. I always just use the quiet timed meditation because I prefer quiet in order to be able to easily direct my focus and attain that which I consciously will. For myself, guided meditations cause me to focus on the person talking and not on that which I’m supposed to focus on, which is being aware of my awareness, the expansiveness of the space of information, connection with and as Infinite Intelligence, my mind, convictions, feelings and essence of Being.