How do you stay on track and keep a meditation habit?

Bridget Q.
I set a time to do it! A time that actually works for me. When I wake up-right away. After yoga. When I first lay down in bed before I sleep.
Eloida T.
I have a great app called insight timer. Their selection of meditations is excellent. I can find one for every night and I end up sleeping really well. I can also handle stress so much better so those positive reinforcements help me stay on track.
Juan Q.
It's a matter of stronger will power, old habit and creating an atmosphere around meditation..
I want to discuss this point by point :

1. Do cardio / aerobics daily. Preferably in the morning. It will increase your will power. You can do it the easy way : no instrument needed. Just breathe, stretch and ensure sweating.
2. As you already know, a busy person's only chance to do something off the chart is to make sure that he is doing it in the morning. Meditate in the morn and you will never need to prioritize it.
3. So, let's see it this way, you can first drink water, then breathe, then work out, then stretch, then meditate, then eat a healthy breakfast, then think that you're feeling great today, then celebrate your accomplishments this morning, then you can sort the three most important tasks in the day. This way, day starts with everything set up. You don't need to prioritize them, you don't need to worry about all the good things in your life you wish you could have done, you don't have to worry about your day's roller coaster of doing things abruptly. You're well set to keep working till it's evening or even night. You see how important it is to get the wheels off your chest and get them going on the right streets.
4. Next, you need to make it a habit. Habits inhibit the innermost caves of our hearts from where everything is directed and planned. It's the overlord's bunker from where your planet is reigned. Old habits die hard. Old is gold. Just turn the habit of meditation into an encient one and you will always feel that you you need to do it first in the morning when there's "nothing planned yet".
5. Now that you have decided to take it seriously, you must surround yourself with meditation. Gamers hang out with each other. Writers find somebody to talk about literature. Stock investors love to see a graph hanging in the wall. Martial artists tend to watch shaolin temple videos. Talk about meditation whenever you meet someone you care for. It will pay back big time.

Ellen F.
It takes total participation and initiative. It helps to be aware of what your body really needs.
Catherine Z.
I do not only meditate at home but also on my way to work or while walking. I go on a nursery run every afternoon and instead of taking a bus (three stops) I walk and meditate. Steps are a great anchor point for meditation, same a breathing and the process to clear your mind is pretty great then.
Tomothy T.
You should feel better when you do it. After you do it. As if you found the way back to yourself. And that makes it that you will crave meditation.
El Na Z.
I make it part of my routine and remind myself that it's just 5-7 minutes. Also I feel better when I do it so that makes it easier.
Manon T.
I realized that meditation can be as easy and as simple as focusing on two or three breaths. So I always can use it to improve my mood. Also I use guided meditation with objects that I choose occasionally. There are great apps and YouTube videos for this. For example I might listen to a stress reliever meditation or some meditation to improve my focus before starting a project or a meditation for gratefulness when I feel low. So it has changed into a powerful tool to manage my energy. Have fun and find a way of meditating that suits you. I guarantee it will change your life %%- <3
Sandra T.
It's very similar to exercise. It's easy to talk yourself out of it. On the other hand, you feel so much better when you stick to it. Even just a minute or two can make a difference.
Beth N.
When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is meditate making it important part of my morning routine
Juliana J.
Henry P.
I started out with small amounts of time – 5 or 10 minutes to begin with. I also used Fabulous to remind me. Eventually, it stopped being a chore.