How do you meditate? Do you focus only on breathing?

Lucie Y.
Hi, I try to meditate everyday two times; in the morning I’m focusing on body scanner and breathing meditation 🧘‍♂️ and before to sleep I try to empty the brain and focusing on fasting (I follow 16:8 intermittent fasting skipping the dinner)

Veronica O.
No not just breathing I try to feel flows of energy through whole body and I've taken on a free course on meditation hoping to learn something

Harriet X.
I typically focus on breathing and practicing not getting distracted. I also do guided meditations that include body scan, loving kindness practice and others.

Taliciana Q.
I start perceiving my body, I ask myself how i feel. Then I listen to my breath and try to feel serene and calm. I try to feel compassion for myself, for my mistakes. I am on a cloud light headed with my eyes closed and I see my life trough a window. Sometimes when the images trough the window get too detailed I come back to my breath and take distance. I feel my body relaxed and independent.

Maja W.
Typically I use guided meditation on YouTube or headspace. I just haven't got enough practice yet to really be able to go unguided. It helps me if I start to get distracted by giving me something to anchor too. I sometimes do breathing meditation, but other times do loving kindness and compassion meditation too.

Everett F.
I typically try to focus on my breathing but most times it’s hard for me to quiet my brain. I’ve found that with my adult adhd the only time my mind is truly quiet is during a sensory deprivation float session. Very hard environment to replicate at home, unfortunately

Ella Z.
Fabulous has a lot of guided meditations provided. The instructions are clear to follow. Just choose a guided meditation that can help you at the moment. Follow the steps. In most cases, it is not only about breathing. Some meditations will make you more aware of your body, feelings, and thoughts.

Jonas N.
It depends. If my my is too chaotic, it's all I can do; (breathing meditation). If however I'm relaxed and focused mentally, I'll add some visualization practice. I'll try to picture something I'm striving for, whether it's health related, or something material. I try to not only picture it, but try to access all my senses. I'll imagine what it would look like, feel like, smell like, etc. I think visualization is helpful; but perhaps works best after I've learned to quiet the mind.

Iara Q.
I use an fabulous app to meditate. I am still learning and when I follow an app like fabulous it helps me get back to being mindful. when I concetrate on my breathing and center myself it helps me.

Norma P.
I use a guided meditation app. Once I find a guide that I like I may try more of his guided meditations. I think about what the person is saying. I am getting very good at relaxing my body for sleep.

Jonathan Z.
Yes, sometimes my breathing, or I observe my thoughts, and bring back my focus to the breath. I observe every part of my body as well, and note how I feel.

Calogero Q.
Yes, but not only. i think it's a perfect way to start meditating, but i really feel more energy when i also imagine i'm filling up with light while i breathe in and then visualize i'm offering all that Light to everything around me while i breathe out.

Alberto P.
I use an app that has lists of meditations to choose from. I prefer guided meditation because it’s hard for me to just concentrate on just my breathing or stare into a candle because I think too much

Charlene U.
I begin by establishing a rhythmic breath of 6heartbits inhaling-3heartbits pause-6 heartbita exhaling-3 heartbits pause. Then I progressively try to seize any thoughts by projecting a dominant thought: inhaling “The Gods love me” and exhaling “I love the world”.

Floriano P.
Currently I use the meditation section of the fabulous app. The two I am using currently are the sleep one and the body scan one. I do focus on breathing as this is emphasized in the app sessions and in my yoga class. I highly recommend a basic yoga class as it helps with relaxation and meditation in a group setting

Astrid F.
I meditate by letting go off everything try to free your mind…let go off all stress just let it go and breathe it really helps to focus on your breathing and your whole being….really honestly just relax make it be quiet and dark…just you and your thoughts and relax don’t tense up…just be free