Is it best to use guided meditation or do it by yourself?

Fel Cio E.
I think I prefer guided so I stay on track. I loose accountability and often drift off into chaotic thoughts if I don’t have a guide.
Lina P.
For me, guided meditation works best, but I would imagine this is different for different people. I would try both and see what you like!
Alexandra N.
I think the best for me, as a beginner, is to use guided meditation. However, it has to be a meditation style and guide that suits you. For example, I haven't find a guided meditation that suits me on this app, yet at least, but I love the guided meditations on the Headspace app.
Stephania P.
It is better a guided meditation because sometimes you tend to forget you’re meditating and aimlessly start thinking about mundane stuff. So it is better to have someone there to pull you back in and guide you through it.
Mari T.
Guided meditation seems to work well to start off. Having that guidance when mind starts to wonder to focus attention back to breathing is great.
Sofia O.
You could try different guided meditations to learn different things (breathing, body scans, mindfulness) and then start doing it yourself when you start getting the idea what feels good. That’s what I’ve been doing
William W.
Both are greatly beneficial, but I feel that meditation on your own really is the best way to become grounded in any space, at any time, without aid.