Do you know any healthy snacks?

Gregor A.
I love bananas with a bit of almost butter spread on them. If you cut them into tiny pieces and then spread the butter, it makes for a very delicious snack!
Stanley C.
Fruit is the best snacks. Choose lower suger fruits, like apple or pear. Nuts is a good snacks too. I often eat too much in 1 time.
Malou P.
Actually, fruits and vegetables are the best snacks you can eat. Cut cucumber, carrot or any others vegetable and it’s super healthy and you’ll also get a lot of water. Try homemade apple chips, eat more fruits and drink a lot of water during the day.
Sigurd O.
I like carrots or cucumber. If I need somethingIf I need something more sweet I take a I take a rice waffle with dark chocolate.
Olivia Z.
Few of the healthy snacks that i have had in the past are – roasted almonds, no sugar granola bars, soya milk and breads made out of multiigrain
Mildred O.
Obvious ones are vegetables with hummus, fruit, nuts, homemade granola bars, smoothie, superfood vegan protein rolls, naked bars in tastes like lemon cake, seeds, homemade vegan sugar free ice, watermelon vodka :p, roasted corn, dried fruit, homemade sugar free vegan cookies, sandwich, dumplings, sushi, vegan vietnamese spring rolls, juice, and look for healthy vegan snacks on pinterest, since vegan food is usually less calories and with more nutritious value than most animal products, those can be healthy as well but take usually a bit more difficult to prepare.