How can I stay awake while I meditate. When I am not distracted, I fall asleep. What can I do?

Lisa E.
Meditation is that deep trip into yourself. Most of us fall asleep in the early stages of our practice. Be kind and compassionate to yourself because the inner trip is quiet and the quiet is good and important. Soon, if you keep practicing, you will find that the inner trip
Is so interesting you CAN’T sleep but instead are filled with wonder and awe. Continue the practice and love your journey it’s all part of the process and it’s all good.
Daniel M.
Meditation is for a good sleep so if you fall asleep… no problem. In case you wont i suggest to sit with any part of the back in contact with chair or another thing. Im doing my meditation sit over a pillow whitout confort for the back. At the first it is strange but soon you get used to
Monika B.
Firstly – its not something bad! If you fall asleep – you dig deep to relaxation mode. If you want to still be focused, try meditation while sitting down 😉
Suzy J.
If you fall asleep while meditation, it means your mind is not calm. Make your mind to think that you are meditating. Just relax and imagine yourself in a peaceful place may be in hills or sea side or in forests.
That's how I meditate and I think it will be helpful for you.