My biggest challenge is actually getting to the mat and meditating. Any suggestions on how to self-motivate?

Maureen U.
Remember your goals and the purpose of meditating-why do you want to do it, how does it make you feel? I used to have a lot of problems completing everything, but now that i plan my day and create a routine, i feel good, because im doing so much and i feel more content in myself. You should create a routine, i found mine hard to stick to, but i kept trying and made it more realistic for myself and my day and now im able to do so much more.

Lohan T.
It can be a pain to stop and slow down… I like to meditate at my desk after eating my breakfast and before I start anything else. That way I don't feel like I'm going out of my way to do something inconvenient or hard to motivate myself towards

Addison J.
Break down the act of meditating into easy steps that you have no reason to scape from doing. Start from opening the mat for example. You have no reasons to tell yourself you cannot open the mat, then play a meditation song or a guided meditation. Choose a few guided meditations and songs that resonate with you, and create a playlist. This way you can easily access them when you need, and you don’t have to waste time every time you are doing it. I like to stick to one meditation every day for 21 days. This way I can really feel the results of the specific meditation I’m doing. Do everything you can to make this moment a gift to yourself and enjoy it fully.

Noemie Y.
1. If there is outside noise that you find distracting, consider playing some soft ambient music.
2.If you intend to make meditation a regular practice, you may want to consider purchasing a meditation pillow.
3. State your goals

Morgane E.
Hopefully this works for how you meditate, but I personally don’t even use a mat. As long as I can be comfortable and not distracted I don’t think I’m constrained so much by the presence of the mat. You might find a lot more freedom to meditate that way.