How do you motivate yourself to do things for your morning routine?

Michele S.
Pick something you love to do and do that first. For me, I love my morning cup of coffee with a good book. I give myself 15-20 minutes each morning to just enjoy this. Then I tackle my morning routine. If I know I’m going to do something I enjoy first, it’s easier to do the less enjoyable things. I call this, practicing my happy.
Jorge E.
Well, in the morning, I always let myself wake up by connecting my earbuds and getting my playlist ready to start. If your first habit is to exercise, then put on your workout clothes as you are getting out of bed. The song that I always start my day with is Lovely Day, by Bill Withers. If I’m doing a workout, I play upbeat music after this song, if I’m not, I will listen to classical during my morning habits. The music in my earbuds is a constant gentle reminder that I should be completing habits. Have a nice day!


Solano C.
I set my alarm for before the rest of the family wakes up so it becomes my ‘special time’ and feels like a treat. It sets me up for the day and because I feel I’ve already achieved several goals it makes me more likely to continue with focus through the rest of the day. The only downside is that it means I have to go to bed earlier – still working on that!
Suzanne Q.
I just follow as the application says to do if u get in your head that i wanna change than u will urself willingly follow
Pat E.
My morning routine starts small. It starts with a few small tasks then moves into more complex tasks. I feel like this helps me ease into the more difficult tasks that require more motivation
Julia O.
I stop feeding into the self talk. I push myself up, drink the water set out the night before and stand up. Once I'm up I can still stumble around making breakfast and yoga. It's that inner voice that tells me to sleep on or lay around until I feel awake enough to get things done.
Clarissa J.
I think that doing my routine is an investment which results are coming later but improvements are shown immediately such as focus, better rest during night, enjoying food, family, etc, these kind of things are an advance payment of better things till to come
Harry P.
My routine was very very bad and it's more of a realization than motivation to do the morning routine. Anyways the app reminds me and also gives helpful tips that make the routine to be easier than being a chore
Darryl C.
This is a great question – it’s hard for me too! The fabulous app helps tremendously bc I love to check things off a list as “done”. I get fulfillment through achieving so I find ways to track that. Once I have the to-do set, it’s merely following through to get them done. Also, I consider where I’d like to be in a week, a month, a year and think of how disappointed I’d be if I’m in the same place next year or haven’t made measurable progress that week. Again, for me it’s tracking achievement. So find whatever “speaks to you” (achievement, accountability, etc) and set that up for yourself! Then put the plan into motion!
Ma Lys P.
To motivate myself, I need to want to make a change really badly. This happens when I get angry about something and really frustrated with the was I am living life at that moment.