Is it listening to music considered meditation??

Manon C.
In my opinion listening to music is equivalent to meditation because it calms the mind releases dopamine and puts you in an over all good mood if the music is positive. So yes music is meditation
Rochus X.
Everyone will have a different answer as it is personal. The idea is to look within either through guided mediation or just calming music. Since I do my best meditation just before bed to relax and get a good night sleep. Often the guided meditation puts me asleep. There are many forms of meditation, if it relaxes you then I think the answer is yes but if you feel like dancing I suspect that the answer is no.
Jenny Z.
Real meditation is hard to explain but there are methods for doing it, so I think it is a practice which takes us to better concentration.
Caroline N.
It's just my personal views that if you want to listen something during the meditation then instead of song you can hear music's particularly made for meditations. Hope it helps. Thankyou and have a great day.
Anna P.
I would say it depends what the music is and what you do when your listening. If its mellow music and your sitting quietly with a blank mind then yes. If your dancing or singing, then no.
Emma X.
Meditation is about being in a state of thoughtless awareness. You use techniques to train attention and awareness. Focused meditation is used to train attention, where you focus on an object, breath, image, words. Open meditation is used to train awareness, so being present in the here and now or "mindfulness". If music helps you to accomplish these 2 things, then it is a helpful TOOL for meditation, but just listening to music itself is not meditation if it does not incorporate these concepts.
Emily N.
Depends on what stage u r at. Meditation to me is being aware & being in the present moment not in the past or the future. So if u r all the time that way then u r in advanced stage, in that case maybe u don't need to have a separate 10 mins or so to meditate. Videogames r similar to me, they r like meditation but I still want to be more aware and present hence I still do traditional form of meditation along with stuff like videogames.
Warren Q.
Sure, but it depends what you want out of meditating. If you just want to slow down, by all means. For me, I want to grow my self awareness and control, and so, to do that, meditation should be kind of boring so that you observe your mind trying to do other things. This gives you the opportunity to rein your mind back in and to learn focus. If you have similar goals to me and still want to listen to music, consider listening to one or a few songs, rather than all of what Spotify, for example, has to offer.
D Cio S.
It depends on the type od music and whether or not you are actually paying attention. By really listening to the notes, focussing all your attention to the lyrics and the emotion, yes listening to music could easily be considered meditative.
Ol Mpia Z.
It depends on what you are thinking when listening to music. If you are fully concentrated in the music,then yes it is meditation
Line N.
I consider playing and listening to classical music to be meditative. You can let your mind wander and focus on things like gratitude and self-compassion.
Zulmira Z.
Year you can listen to music but remember if your listening to it for meditation than try listening to some calm kind of music etc. Girls like you , perfect , one more time (by Ariana Grande)
B Ris I.
It could be. I listen to calming music and then focus solely on the music, the sound, and the feel. Then, sometimes I will start to fell myself drifting off. When this happens, I let it happen and know that my spirit might just be taking a break, you know? I also will listen to pop music and just lay on the couch sometimes. I think that I would count listening to music as meditation, as long as you are in an otherwise quiet and undisturbed location
Brianna P.
For me I think music can be a great mediator if you listen to the right music something calming. Not something like hard rock which would disturb your peace.
Ken J.
Anything can be considered meditation as long as you do it mindfully. Eating, walking, cleaning, bathing, massaging yourself, playing with kids, cooking. All of it can lead the mind to a meditative and peaceful state.
Caio F.
It could. I think the idea is that if it helps you bring your thoughts back under your control, that's great.

If it stimulates ideas, or reminds you of specific things, it's probably getting in the way.

meditation at it's simplest is simply being able to control what you are thinking about for any length of time. Achieving focus on yourself could totally be assisted by music. Even focus on the the music to the exclusion of everything else is absolutely a form of meditation.

Andrea G.
I consider listening to music meditation if the music puts you in a certain mood and does not have words. If you are listening to words, it is probably not meditation. If the music has a trance type beat and is calming it can be beneficial to change your mood.
Jeffrey P.
Yes, I think listening to a very deeply music with the voice of water or rain gonna help to get in the mood and in deep meditation
Nicklas Z.
Sorry, I'm going to have to say no to this one. But it's not a total "no". Meditation is the deliberate practice of a skill called mindfulness, which is the ability to be totally present, aware of what's happening and of your reactions to it. It's certainly possibly to listen to music mindfully, and it's quite a wonderful experience to do so. But just like moving furniture around your house or lugging boxes from your garage is not considered weight training, being mindful in your everyday life is not considered meditating. The everyday activities are where you see the benefits of all that training, and they do help a bit with the skill/strength, but you still need to do the time in proper training.

By the way, if you're new to meditation, depending on who you are it can be the most horribly, excrutiatingly boring ten minutes of your life! But it is worth it.

Earl P.
I wouldn't consider the act of listening to music alone, as meditation. I listened to music when I try to mediate, only of it helps me to be more mindful. And nothing that distracts me so that I become more indulged in to the music, rather than myself and the state of myself, my m8nd and being.
Susie E.
Yes it is!
Listening to music can release all of stress minded.
Listening to music can get a positive energy.
Listening to music is the best way to uplift your mood
Julie F.
Yes, since you let your stream of consciousness flow freely. Your mind switches between focusing on the music itself and different ideas.
Soham E.
For me, meditation is much more than just music. I enjoy listening tracks with nature sounds because it calms me when I overworked. I usually listen nature sounds after 4th Deep work while I'm doing Deep Work. While in pauses of Deep Work I do 5 min. meditation for focus or/and destress. While doing Deep Work I enjoy this type of easy meditation on app Simple Habit. While for me real meditation is on Headspace app. Since I'm psychology student I understand science behind meditation, I see it as deeper change of one self, while on Simple Habit app in section on the go I found meditation that gets you easier through the day. I'm not aware of studies considerating music, but there should be some since music therapy exists.