During your meditation, do you listen to some music/sounds on headphones or you just sit in silence? which works for you better?

Manon N.
Yes, I do listen to some sort of nonlyrics music sometimes. It's okay to meditate in silence but when it is hard to focus you can listen to ambient sounds. Often I prefer silence when meditating, it clears my mind and helps me regain my focus quickly.
Andrea S.
I'm ADHD as heck. When I first started out sitting in silence was torture. I found guided meditation and repeatable music like on the insight timer app worked best. Best of all was candle meditation. Light a candle, or turn on an electric fireplace or an led tea light and just gaze at it. Breathing wasn't enough to keep my attention, but that with a visual really helped me learn to just sit still. You WILL get distracted. The point of meditation is to train the mind to notice its off task, and with no guilt, shift your attention back to what you're supposed to be focusing on. It takes a long time, don't get discouraged, don't guilt yourself, and just recommit to practicing when you get off track!