What time of day is best for meditating?

Ivan F.
I love meditating anytime of day or night, seriously their is no bad time to meditate. Just find 10 mins and pick a meditation to listen to. Shuffle through them all until you find one that resonates with you. Then keep practicing meditation, it is worth every minute!

Sofie Y.
The best time for me is right when I wake up. Having a set time makes sure that I will do it because it’s anchored to a habit that I already have.

Melissa S.
I meditate immediately when I wake up (usually before I get out of bed) and immediately before I go to sleep – for about 10 minutes each time.

Severiano C.
I think I could use it most late afternoon before cooking in order to reduce stress and calm down. On the other hand there isn't much time between conning home from work with the kids and starting to cook ..

Estef Nia Q.
I find it better to mediate in the morning. For me, that’s when the house is the quietest. I also find it beneficial to mediate in the morning before starting your day, it reboots you for task ahead.

Malthe G.
I think it’s time to meditatie whenever you need to but if you are in balance and you want to keep it that way, I think you should meditate before going to bed.

Liliane Z.
There’s no universal best time. I liked meditating in the morning when I had more time then. Now, I meditate at night with its own unique benefits. Meditating in the middle of the day occasionally is great as well. I know most people aim for morning when they can, just like working out.

Eva N.
Anytime you find most suitable for reflection without distractions. Mornings would usually be ideal when we are still refresh with less encumbered thoughts but anytime that affords concentration for an individual would do.

Zachary P.
I prefer to meditate as soon as I wake up, if possible. It is easier to relax into meditation when you're still waking up.

Gerlinde Z.
Hi. For me it’s again and again lunch time, before lunch. For some reason, I don’t get as much distracted as in the morning.

Damaris U.
Morning, no other time has worked for me. Wake up really early, I wake up at 5, do your usual routine, arrive at work, find a nice spot and sit down to meditate.